AuthorTopic : Snooker — A Terrible Mistake in Rules
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Recently I've been awarded a frame against an opponent who got himself self-snookered on every color. He attempted to get out of it by choosing the blue ball each time and missed on every occasion.

After the third miss, he lost a game with a funny "Triple Foul & Miss" rule. There's no such thing if you can't directly see at least one object ball, which after all caused Mark King to make 14 consecutive fouls in the world of professionals.

If, however, you're able to see an object ball and miss it three times consecutively, you do concede a frame. A referee must officially warn a player before his third shot that he's a foul away from losing a frame. BUT! It was not the case in this frame, as you may have concluded yourself.

I shouldn't have won that frame at that point of the match. Somebody get that funny "rule" fixed.

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I won a similar game, I agree, it's a daft rule.

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Anybody? Admins?

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how about the last ball problem.....score is 58-54 after a foul on last black....both white and black remain on table but player on 54 is not allowed a shot and game is awarded to the player who fouled????????????

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triple foul and miss rule is correct while self implied.

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"I would agree with you, but then we would both be wrong" xD
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Hey, Tony.

As you already know, the black ball in snooker is worth 7 points. There are three outcomes of fouling the final black (NOT the respotted black, I will talk about it later):

1) You have an 8 point advantage or higher: the frame is over and you win, even if you make a foul.

2) You exactly hold a 7 point advantage and make a foul: a respotted black.

3) You have no more than 6 points of advantage or trail by no more than 6 points: you lose the frame.

Now, regarding the respotted black: things don't get any simpler, whoever makes a foul loses the frame.

Hope it all makes sense. Cheers, and see you at the snooker table!

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ain't nobody understand