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For the best GameDesire players and users we have prepared a new system of points and gadgets. Your wins and help in the service development will not go unrewarded.

GameChips Activity
Gamedesire - GameChips Activity
GameChips Activity.
Gamedesire - GamesBond
Games Activity.
Me, myself and I
Gamedesire - Me, myself and I
Profile completion higher than 50% (assigned on first day of the month, only if player was active in games).
True BluePoints: 1
Poker - True Blue
Poker sit&go tournament winner (with buyin 10,000 or more). Not applicable on Double or Nothing and heads-up tournaments.
Go greenPoints: 30
Pool Games - Go green
Billiard monthly tournament ranking award.
Red HotPoints: 1
Pool Games - Red Hot
Billiard sit&go tournament winner.
Golden eyePoints: 30
Poker - Golden eye
Poker monthly tournament ranking award.
Quick SilverPoints: 10
Pool Games - Quick Silver
Pool tournament winner.
Deep PurplePoints: 10
Poker - Deep Purple
Poker event tournament winner (excluding: freerolls, satellites, autos).
Poker JackpotPoints: 5
Poker - Poker Jackpot
Poker Jackpot winner.
Bingo JackpotPoints: 5
Bingo - Bingo Jackpot
Bingo Jackpot winner.
Rebuy kingPoints: 3
Poker - Rebuy king
Rebuy king in poker event tournaments.
Beta testerPoints: 20
Gamedesire - Beta tester
Games beta tester.
Games CelebrityPoints: 10
Gamedesire - Games Celebrity
High number of visits on player profile (assigned on first day of the month)
Purple StarPoints: 50
Poker - Purple Star
2 or more poker event tournament won per day (excluding: freerolls, satellites, autos).
Purple T-shirtPoints: 10
Poker - Purple T-shirt
5 or more poker event tournaments played per day (excluding: freerolls, satellites, autos).
Blue T-shirtPoints: 5
Poker - Blue T-shirt
5 or more Poker sit&go tournaments played per day (with buy-in 10,000 or more) excluding heads-ups and Double or Nothing.
Blue StarPoints: 10
Poker - Blue Star
Poker sit&go tournaments winner (3 per day, all with buyin 10,000 or more) excluding heads-up and Double or Nothing.
Champions CupPoints: 30
Poker - Champions Cup
Champion League final poker tournament winner.
Black T-shirtPoints: 5
Poker - Black T-shirt
10 or more Poker headsup tournaments played per day (with buyin 50,000 or more)
Black StarPoints: 10
Poker - Black Star
Poker headsup tournaments winner (5 per day, all with buyin 50,000 or more).
Bright T-shirtPoints: 10
Poker - Bright T-shirt
Participation in special event tournament.
Bright medalPoints: 50
Poker - Bright medal
Premium place in special tournament.
Bright StarPoints: 1000
Poker - Bright Star
First place in special tournament
New Year's PlayerPoints: 50
Poker - New Year's Player
Participation in New Year's tournament.
New Year's FinalistPoints: 250
Poker - New Year's Finalist
Premium place in New Year's tournament.
New Year's WinnerPoints: 5000
Poker - New Year's Winner
First place in New Year's Tournament
Slots JackpotPoints: 5
Gamedesire - Slots Jackpot
Slots Jackpot winner.
Gamedesire - Chief
Chief status awarded
Gamedesire - Lord
Lord status awarded
Gamedesire - Ace
Ace status awarded
Video Poker JackpotPoints: 5
Gamedesire - Video Poker Jackpot
Video Poker Jackpot winner.
High BreakPoints: 2
Pool Games - High Break
Getting break of 100 or higher when playing snooker.
Maximum BreakPoints: 20
Pool Games - Maximum Break
Getting maximum possible break (147) in snooker.
Bad Beat JackpotPoints: 200
Poker - Bad Beat Jackpot
Losing a hand in Poker Texas Hold'em while holding very strong hand.
Blackjack JackpotPoints: 5
Gamedesire - Blackjack Jackpot
Blackjack Jackpot winner.
GameDesire SlayerPoints: 20
Gamedesire - GameDesire Slayer
Player who won in special game with Gamedesire employee.
Welcome to MoneyLandPoints: 2
Poker - Welcome to MoneyLand
Playing the very first poker hand after registering an account.
First VictoryPoints: 2
Poker - First Victory
Winning a poker hand for the first time.
First BattlePoints: 2
Poker - First Battle
Participating in the first tournament (event or sit&go).
Got it!Points: 5
Poker - Got it!
Finishing planned tournament with a prize for the first time.
Bubble boyPoints: 20
Poker - Bubble boy
Finishing poker event tournament "on the bubble" (right behind paid places) for the first time.
DareDevilPoints: 2
Poker - DareDevil
First poker hand won when going all-in preflop.
Big PotPoints: 2
Poker - Big Pot
First poker pot won over 5,000 GameChips.
Richie RichPoints: 2
Gamedesire - Richie Rich
Reaching account balance of 10,000 GameChips for the first time.
Tourney GuruPoints: 5
Poker - Tourney Guru
Playing 10 event tournaments.
Tourney Bot (Sit&go)Points: 2
Poker - Tourney Bot (Sit&go)
Playing 10 sit&go tournaments excluding heads-ups.
Tourney Bot (Heads' up)Points: 2
Poker - Tourney Bot (Heads' up)
Playing 10 heads'up tournaments.
PokerholicPoints: 2
Poker - Pokerholic
Playing 15 poker hands (ring games and tournaments).
Loyal PlayerPoints: 20
Gamedesire - Loyal Player
Profile registered and active for 1 year.

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Play games, collect points and achievements!

Chosen successes mean getting given amount of points and a special achievement.


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