Go is a traditional strategy game in China, Japan, and Korea. Two players use their stones to compete and gain territory on the surface of the board.

Obtain achievements

  • Richie Rich
  • Most Valuable Player
  • Ace Striker #2

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They play Go

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How to start the game?

  • Either click on the Play Now button above or look below and select the room that you wish to play in. The game will open in a new window.
  • In the new window, scroll down through the list and select a table that is available. Click Join. Or create a new table by clicking on the Create Table button located in the control panel box.
  • When the new table is created and you have a partner ready to play, click on Start and wait for your partner's confirmation.

How to play Go?

Two players holding black or white stones place their stone on a 19x19 board on 361 intersections.

Players take turns in putting stones and try to occupy territory as big as possible. Player who have the largest territory win the game,

If a stone is surrounded by 4 opponent’s stone, it is considered dead and should be moved from the board, the place also becomes the opponent's territory.

Basic control:
  • Click on intersections on the board to place the stone.
  • Stones that are dead will be automatically moved by the computer.
  • Click "Undo move" if you made a mistake with your move.

more info: Go Rules | Wikipedia link