Pool 8 - 2004
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Pool 8 - 2004

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Pool 8 - 2004

Online '8-ball pool' is played with a white cue ball and 15 colored balls numbered from 1 to 15. Play pool games online for free!

Obtain achievements

  • Gamedesire - Richie Rich
  • Gamedesire - Dice Go-getter
  • Gamedesire - We Are the Champions #1

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How to start the game?

  • Either click on the Play Now button above or look below and select the room that you wish to play in. The game will open in a new window.
  • In the new window, scroll down through the list and select a table that is available. Click Join. Or create a new table by clicking on the Create Table button located in the control panel box.
  • When the new table is created and you have a partner ready to play, click on Start and wait for your partner's confirmation.

How to play Pool 8 - 2004?

  • Click on the white cue ball to begin a shot. During the break, you may first click and drag the cue to change its position on the table.
  • Click the cue stick and, while holding, drag it around to aim at the white cue ball.
  • Find the cue stick in the control panel box. Click and drag it down to determine the strength of the shot. The farther down you pull the control panel cue stick, the more powerful your shot.
  • Right click anywhere in the game window. This causes the cue stick to hit the cue ball.

60-second QUICK START Rules

60-second QUICK START Pool 8 Rules
Learn to play pool in 60 seconds

Pool 8 is a game for two players played on a table with seven solid colored balls, seven striped balls and one black ball. The object of pool is to use a cue stick and a white cue ball to hit your set of balls (either striped or solid) into the table pockets. The first player to hit all of his balls into the pockets must then pocket the black (8) ball to win the game.

Players alternate turns. If during a player's turn, he pockets one of his balls, he continues playing. But if the player fails to pocket one of his balls or pockets one of his opponent's balls by accident, then it becomes the other player's turn. If at any time, either player accidentally pockets the white cue ball, it becomes the other player's turn.

The game starts with all balls (except for the white cue ball) placed in a triangle. One player "breaks" the balls using the white cue ball. If during the break, that player sinks a striped ball, he will continue to pocket striped balls for the rest of the game. If he sinks a solid ball during the break, solids will be his set of balls for the rest of the game. If he sinks both a striped and a solid during the break, he can choose which set of balls he wishes to pocket during the game.

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