How_to_play_gg_87 - game rules

المدققون الصينية (هالما)
Online Game Room - المدققون الصينية (هالما)


The game interface offers numerous facilities to the players.

In the Game Management option or Game Controls on the created table there are four buttons. The first and the last one are used to switch between the interface panels. The question mark moves a player to the help file and clicking X makes the player leave the game.

There are two dots on the right.

The upper dot shows the state of server connection:

Dark green - active connection
Orange - ping over 30 sec.
Red - no connection (in a while the connection will be restored automatically)
Light green - restoring the connection.

Clicking the lower dot will disconnect and reconnect to the server. It is useful when problems with connection or breaking the connection occur.

At the top of the window there are also buttons referring to the chat look, table settings and filters:

  • Sorting the tables according to the numbers;
  • According to the table type with a challenge (the other tables according to the numbers);
  • According to the player (the other tables according to the numbers);
  • According to being occupied - unoccupied, occupied, occupied with an observer, occupied, private;
  • Decreasing - according to the decreasing results;
  • Increasing - according to the increasing results;
  • Off - displays all tables;
  • Unoccupied - displays the tables to be joined to start the game only;
  • Public - displays public tables only;
  • Private - displays private tables only;
  • With challenge - displays the tables with challenge only;
  • Player - displays the tables with the player marked on the players' list;


To facilitate the service and to make the interface more intelligible the so-called TIPS have been introduced. They are small descriptive windows which are displayed when the cursor is moved to some elements in the interface, e.g. a player's nick in the player's list, table parameters setting indicator, etc.


All the table preferences one wishes to create are set here.

Table settings

A player can choose between three different table settings:

Private table - a closed table which can be joined by a player only when he is invited to the game.
Public table - an open table which can be joined by any player.

Challenge table - a kind of a public table; the possible setting when a player does not wait for a particular opponent but wants to challenge any opponent. Such tables are marked with different graphics design just to distinguish them from the other ones.

In order to change the setting of the created table, it is necessary to click the Public table option once; it will change the status into Private table. Another click changes the setting into Challenge table, and another one restores the Public table.

If the results of the games played at the table are supposed to influence the players' rating, mark the Rated Game. Otherwise it is a parlor game whose result influences the statistics only but does not change the rating.

Selecting the Rating limit option enables players to define the range of the rating of the opponents they wish to play with.

Time/move is the number of seconds a player is offered to consider one move. If the time is over and the player does not make a move, the computer will make a move automatically. It is also possible to set the Time Increase for each movement that follows.

Time/round is the number of minutes a player is offered to play the whole round. If the time is over, the player cannot make a move and loses the game.

If a player does not want any company while playing, the option No Watchers can be set.

Escape=Pause - players can use this option to pause the game and save the result when e.g. one of the players is disconnected from the game. Also, when the game is being played, the window which allows a player to select the time of pausing the game is displayed after the pause has been clicked. The precise description is to be found below at the SafeGame module.


A player may select a simple interface, i.e. switching into the board with fewer colors.

If a player wishes no invitations to the table from other players, he can set the No invitations option. In that case all invitations will be rejected automatically.

Switching on and off the Audio Alert option means switching on and off the sound while playing.


A player can select the game interface size choosing between a small and a big table.


The game is equipped with a new mechanism, the so-called SafeGame. The operation of this option includes:

1.    Searching

If a player is disconnected during the game, he has 7 minutes to return to the table. The counter is displayed for the opponents and the countdown starts.

When a player is logging on to any room, the window with the information that the game is started in room