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13 forskellige slags Solitaire! Pyramide, Pyramide Golf, Pyramide Bygning, Blinde Veje, Yukon, FreeCell, Canfield, East Haven, Carpet, Four Seasons, Fourteen Out, Golf and Klondike.

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  • Gamedesire - Richie Rich
  • Gamedesire - Dice Go-getter
  • Gamedesire - Go-getter

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Solitaires are the games in which the element of luck is very important, but they are not gambling. The rules are simple - it is about moving cards from one pile to another, taking them from one position and putting into another in order to succeed as the rules specify. Sometimes a player needs to arrange all cards according to the bases, with increasing or decreasing value, sometimes he must take all cards away from the table, sometimes the objective is different.

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