Billar bola 8Billar bola 8Billar bola 8Billar bola 8
Juegos Online - Billar bola 8

Billar bola 8

¡A por la victoria! Emboca las bolas antes que el otro.

190 Billar bola 8 jugadores online!

Billar bola 8

Online billar bola 8, o Pool 8, se juega en una mesa con seis agujeros. ¡Elige las bolas rayadas o las enteras y mételas todas, ¡Diversión garantizada!

Pool 8 achievements

  • Juegos de Billar - Red Hot
  • Juegos de Billar - Billard Rank Freak
  • Juegos de Billar - Snooker Go-getter

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What is a tournament?

Tournaments are a way to compare your skills with other players in competition for prizes, like VIP status or game chips. In tournament rooms we’ve used a different form of ranking for players, called tournament rank, which is independent from normal game room rank. The level of this rank is dependent on player skills and number of tournaments played.

How our tournaments are played?

When a new tournament is launched, registered and connected players are automatically put into their seats and a game begins. If a player is not present on the site at the moment of tournament start, all of their matches are abandoned and it will be counted as a walkover. If a player connects in the first round (in a Swiss tournament system) he may continue game in second round, but with the loss of the first game. If both players fail to show up, game is marked as draw.

Types of tournaments

We organize different types of tournaments:

  • Sit & Go – The tournament begins when the required number of players are register to play. Player must be present on the site in the moment of the tournament start. Otherwise their game is lost. Everyone can play in this type of tournament; the only limit is the number of players allowed. After finishing one tournament, players can immediately register to another Sit & Go tournament.
  • Events – These kinds of tournaments are announced some time in advance. Registration is open for all players until the start of the tournament. Prizes are usually awarded for first places.

Tournament systems

Tournaments can be organized using three different tournaments systems:

  • Swiss – The Swiss tournaments system has a predefined number of rounds, depending on number of players. Points are granted using rule:
    • 1 point – win,
    • 0.5 point – draw,
    • 0 points – loss.
    Pairs of players are matched based on previous results. If this is possible, pairs are matched from groups of players with similar scores. If the number of players is odd, the player with smallest score gets a buy (free game). Every player can have a buy once per tournament. The winner is always the player with highest score from all games. If two players have the same score, the order of games is checked and winner is selected using this way. If this solution is not possible, the average rank of the opponents is taken into account.
  • Knock-out – Players play against each other round after round. The winner of each game qualifies to the next game, the loser exits from the tournament. If the number of players is not even, some of players can get a buy (free game) and can progress to the next round without playing.
  • Round-robin – In this system every player plays against each other player in turn.