Damas (Checkers)
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Damas (Checkers)

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Damas (Checkers)

Versión electrónica de Checkers (Draughts) donde los jugadores pueden elegir las reglas europeas o americanas.

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Checkers – a board game of secular tradition, known since the 12th century. It was presumably invented in the south of France or Spain. It has rapidly gained popularity and spread all over the world with almost unchanged rules. According to the literature describing the game, a few dozen of Checkers variants are presently known (in France the game is called "fierges", in Scotland - "dams", in the Netherlands - "damspel", in Greece - "mingma". In Poland the game is called "damka", and in Malaysia it is named "dam blas").

International rules were created on the basis of the Checkers Code of Polish Checkers Association.