Cómo jugar al Diamantes - reglas del juego

Juegos Online - Diamantes

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The bar shows how much time a player has to complete the game


Player’s present score


The time that has passed since the game was started.


The number of SWAPS still remaining. A SWAP means exchanging positions of two items. An extra swap is added every 200 points

Player's nick

The player’s nick


START GAME – starts the game

STOP GAME – finishes the game

At the bottom there is a button SOUND EFFECTS – clicking it switches on the game sound.


Having double-clicked a player’s nick, detailed information about them will be displayed:

Player: the player's name;
Games Completed: the number of games finished;
Abandoned Games: the number of games unfinished;
Best score: best result of this player;
Time: the time player needed to gain the above result;
Ping: the time necessary for the message to reach the other players chatting on the net is presented.

The Day scores

The Day scores include the list of the best scores on that day. They are deleted at midnight every day.

Best scores

The Best scores include the list of the best scores for the latest 30 days for a particular player. The score is deleted in 30 days after the score was obtained.