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Gameboard for playing Pachisi.

The game is meant for 2-4 people.

The game objective is to move the player’s four pieces around the board from the starting area (home) and back to it. The player who brings all four pieces home wins the game.

Players make their moves in turn having rolled two dice.

The player’s move direction is indicated by an arrow in the corner of each player’s starting area.

The grid.

Moving each piece out of the starting area is possible only when five is rolled on the dice. Rolling a five lets a player place any piece on the first board square marked with the opponent’s color.

If there are still all the four pieces in the starting area, not rolling a five makes a player miss the turn. The opponent is given the chance.

Each move is made by moving a piece by the number of spots on the rolled dice.

Pachisi doublet.

Rolling doubles (the same number of spots on both dice) allows a player to roll the dice once again in the turn. When the Pair punishment option is switched on, rolling doubles three times returns the piece to the starting area.

Moving a piece onto the opponent’s square means capturing it (if the Capture option is on). The opponent’s piece is returned to the starting area (home), and the player who has captured the piece is rewarded with a bonus of 10 squares.

If a piece is moved to the square already occupied by the same player’s piece, the move can be made only if the Blocking option is switched on. Moving two pieces to the same square forms a Blocking which cannot be passed by any piece of any players, including the player the piece belongs to.

Otherwise it is impossible to move the second piece onto the occupied square.

It is also possible to switch on a Safe square option. Finishing a move on Safe square makes it impossible for the opponent to capture the piece standing there.

If the option Pass allowed is switched on, a player can always resign from the whole move or a part of it (spots of one die).

Every time a player brings a piece home, he or she gets a bonus of 15 squares.

In case of a game played by 4 people it is possible to switch on the Team play option. There are two opposing teams playing against each other then.


The game is over when one of the players brings all his or her pieces home.

Winning in Pachisi.