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Rummy 2009

Para dos jugadores, gana quien consigue más puntos.

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Rummy 2009

Juego para 2 participantes que es es una variación de Rummy, donde los puntos se ganan a partir de las cartas obtenidas y dejadas en la mano del jugador cuando los otros jugadores ya se han 'ido'.

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Reglas de Rummy 2009 en 60 segundos

Game rules in 60 seconds

Rummy500 is one of the variations of a popular card game called Remik. The game is meant for two people and a full pack of 52 cards is used to play it. Rummy500 is about scoring the point limit as soon as possible by laying off groups or sequences of cards, as well as completing the combinations which have already been melded. A player scores positive points for the melded combinations and negative point for the cards in hand after the opponent has laid all the cards off.

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