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Cards are originated at the end of the 14th century, which means they are 600 years old! Firstly, they were available only to the richest and they were very expensive because they were painted manually. When print was invented at the end of 15th century, cards became relatively cheap and became popular with lots of players. Solitaires are about 200 years old. The first recorded were Sir Tommy and Grandfather's Patience. Only one person plays the game and that is why it is so popular all over the world up till now.


Solitaires are the games in which the element of luck is very important, but they are not gambling. The rules are simple - it is about moving cards from one pile to another, taking them from one position and putting into another in order to succeed as the rules specify. Sometimes a player needs to arrange all cards according to the bases, with increasing or decreasing value, sometimes he must take all cards away from the table, sometimes the objective is different.