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Perang Laut
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The Ganymede system offers many advantages while playing. It helps the player to have more fun with our online ships. First of all, while opening a new game it is good to take a look at the four buttons in Game Management. The first and the last one switch on and off different interface settings, question mark takes you to this help section (but you probably know that, if you are already here :> ). The X button allows a player to close the applet and leave the game.


You can choose whether you want to play on Private table when no viewer or "outside" player is allowed and the only way to gain an opponent is to invite someone to the game or Public table (viewers and uninvited players allowed).

Time option defines how much time the players will need to make a move.

When you want to draw cards with other players only, with no peeking eyes you can choose No watchers options.

Ranking limit defines the minimum NAVY RANK of opponent.

You can also choose No invitations - when this option is set, a player automatically does not accept any suggestions of invitations.

You can turn on/off Audio alert, which means disabling sound.


By double-clicking the player's nick, you can see detailed information about him:

Player: the player's name;
Rating: the position in ranking. It is his NAVY RANK and the number of points;
Games completed: the number of games played; games won, lost, or drawn (but not cancelled) inclusive;
Abandoned games: the number of games cancelled by the player;
Wins: the number of games won;
Loses: the number of games lost;
Draws: the number of games drawn;
Streak: The presentation of the advantage of wins over the losses or otherwise. For example, if a player won 5 times and lost 10 times, the streak will be -5;
Ping: Shows how much time it takes for your move to reach the other player on the Net.


Invite to game and Boot from game are the contrary options - the first one is used like this: simply select the person you want at the table and click the Invite to game button. If the player agrees (and does not have No invitations option set on), he will appear at the table. When you do not want to play with a specified player, as a host you always have the possibility to Boot him from game. But do not use this option too often - players may stop playing with you. Boot only when you have a really important reason to do it. Do you feel tired of being a host? You can always Transfer hosting to another player or even to a watcher. If you suddenly disconnect from the game, hosting privileges are transferred to the 1st player, who logged in the game after you.


With the points players also gain ranks. The more victories in battle, the higher the rank is. Those are as follows:

Under 1100Cook's boy
Above 2500Admiral

If you get an Admiral, there will be a little surprise for you...

GAME OPTIONS (only in the game window)

The game starts when a player clicks Start Battle
Stop Battle - stops the game without any consequence in ranking. The other player must agree to that.
Escape from Battle - is the end of the game and it works the same as StandUp
Surrender - is decision concerning the opponent's victory.
Offer Draw - it offers draw.