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ברידג' הוא משחק קלפים קלאסי ברשת הניתן בחינם ומיועד ל-4 אנשים ב-2 זוגות מתחרים המשחקים בחפיסת 52 קלפים.

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איך להתחיל את המשחק?

  • לחץ על לחצן שחק כעת בחלק העליון של המסך, או הבט למטה ובחר את החדר שברצונך לשחק בו. המשחק ייפתח בחלון חדש.

מדריך מהיר של דקה על החוקים

Game rules in 60 seconds

The game is played by four players cooperating in pairs. Players from the same pair sit opposite each other. 52-card set is necessary to play the game. The game is played as follows:

  • First, all cards are shuffled and dealt to players, each getting 13 of them. The set of cards kept by a player is called Hand. At the beginning each hand is known to its owner only.
  • The game starts with bidding, which means making simultaneous bids and offering the specified number of tricks to be taken and the suit a player wants as a trump. Such agreement between players is called contract. There are many different kinds of bidding, openings and conventions. For further details refer to GLOSSARY or CONVENTIONS section.
  • When no one bids (everyone passes), the game stops and cards are reshuffled and dealt to players again. One player having made a bid and three players having passed, the bidding is over. The player whose bidding was last becomes a declarer and must realize the declared contract. His partner puts his cards on the table and becomes a dummy, which means he is out of the game and a declarer takes care of his cards.
  • Now the game can be restarted. During one turn every player drops one card and the moves are made clockwise. The highest of the four cards wins and the four are taken by a player whose card was the highest. Such a set of cards is called a trick. Thus, in one game there are thirteen tricks. Every player must put a card in the opening suit, which is the suit of the first card dropped on the table.
  • When a game is over, players count the number of tricks taken by every pair, and put down all the gained points. (For scoring rules refer to GAMEPLAY section). A declarer wins a contract if he has taken the number of tricks declared in bidding plus six. (For example the declared and won 4 means that at least ten tricks were taken by the winning pair). If a contract is lost (fewer tricks than the declared number), the opponents gain points. It is called undertrick penalties.

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