Create the best word with seven random letters!


Per WordShuffle žaidėjui reikia iš 7 atsitiktiniu raidžių surinkti kuo daugiau teisingu žodžių. Mėgaukitės šituo vieno asmens žaidimu internetu!

Obtain achievements

  • Gamedesire - Blackjack Jackpot
  • Gamedesire - Richie Rich
  • Gamedesire - Loyal Player

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Kaip pradėti žaidimą?

  • Either click on the Play Now button above or look below and select the room that you wish to play in. The game will open in a new window.

Kaip žaisti WordShuffle?

  • Click "Start Game." to begin a new game.
  • Click on the letters to create words of at least three letters, then click submit. (You can also use the keyboard to type letters & press Enter to submit the word.)
  • If the word is found in the dictionary, it will be accepted and the word will clear from the board. If the word is NOT found in the dictionary, it will not be accepted and the letters will remain on the board.
  • Press the shuffle button at any time to switch the order of the letters to get inspiration.

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