Terms of Service

To create a league room, you have to meet these requirements and accept the following rules:

1. This feature is ONLY for people that manage gaming leagues that have web-pages. You have to be the actual league owner (admin), not just an ordinary member or player.

2. The rooms creation is at our sole discretion. We can refuse any request without any notice or explanation.

3. All requests are manually accepted or rejected, that includes the room name, logo, url and description. The request is treated as a whole. If we find any of these elements offensive/unwanted etc... the request is rejected. You can always delete your rejected request and create a new, corrected one.

4. There must be a link to http://www.gamedesire.com in a visible area of the league's homepage.

5. The league owner has to be a registered GameDesire's player for at least a week to enable this option.

6. The person who submitted the request becomes the room admin.

7. To gain access to the administration section after your room is accepted, you have to log out and log in again!

8. Once created and accepted, we do not guarantee the room's eternal existence. We do not guarantee that the service and it's rules remain unchanged.

9. Rooms that are not used will be removed.