Video Poker

The jackpot is a special GameChips bonus you can win during gameplay. The Jackpot is built from the tax that is taken from the machines.

Jackpot is awarded for completing "Royal flush" (A, K, Q, J, 10 suited) without exchanging any cards. Hands with wildcards included don't count towards this jackpot.

1 800 770 GameChips to win!SPILL

Depending on the cost of a coin, the jackpot will be paid out according to these rules:

Coin cost1020% of total jackpot
Coin cost10040% of total jackpot
Coin cost100080% of total jackpot


DatoBildeLogg innLandVIP-klubbChips Vunnet
21.10.2014 11:58:46 5 mln
20.10.2014 01:47:19  19 mln
13.10.2014 19:25:00 Polen 5 mln


Bad Beat Jackpot7 701 912
Poker102 756
Bingo981 201
Slot Games976 399
Video Poker1 800 770
Blackjack5 381 455

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Why to become a VIP?

  • get 20% GameChips extra with every purchase of at least 100K
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