Become an Ace

For de beste GameDesire spillerne og brukerne, har vi laget et nytt system for poeng og gadgets. Dine gevinster og hjelp med tjenesteutviklingen vil ikke gå ubelønnet hen.

SpillechipsaktivitetPoeng: 0
Gamedesire - Spillechipsaktivitet
GameChips Activity.
GamesBondPoeng: 0
Gamedesire - GamesBond
Games Activity.
Me, myself and IPoeng: 0
Gamedesire - Me, myself and I
Profile completion higher than 50% (assigned on first day of the month, only if player was active in games).
True BluePoeng: 1
Poker - True Blue
Poker sit&go tournament winner (with buyin 10,000 or more). Not applicable on Double or Nothing and heads-up tournaments.
Go greenPoeng: 30
Biljardspill - Go green
Billiard monthly tournament ranking award.
Red HotPoeng: 1
Biljardspill - Red Hot
Billiard sit&go tournament winner.
Golden eyePoeng: 30
Poker - Golden eye
Poker monthly tournament ranking award.
Quick SilverPoeng: 10
Biljardspill - Quick Silver
Pool tournament winner.
Deep PurplePoeng: 10
Poker - Deep Purple
Poker event tournament winner (excluding: freerolls, satellites, autos).
Poker JackpotPoeng: 5
Poker - Poker Jackpot
Poker Jackpot winner.
Bingo JackpotPoeng: 5
Bingo - Bingo Jackpot
Bingo Jackpot winner.
Rebuy kingPoeng: 3
Poker - Rebuy king
Rebuy king in poker event tournaments.
Beta testerPoeng: 20
Gamedesire - Beta tester
Games beta tester.
Games CelebrityPoeng: 10
Gamedesire - Games Celebrity
High number of visits on player profile (assigned on first day of the month)
Purple StarPoeng: 50
Poker - Purple Star
2 or more poker event tournament won per day (excluding: freerolls, satellites, autos).
Purple T-shirtPoeng: 10
Poker - Purple T-shirt
5 or more poker event tournaments played per day (excluding: freerolls, satellites, autos).
Blue T-shirtPoeng: 5
Poker - Blue T-shirt
5 or more Poker sit&go tournaments played per day (with buy-in 10,000 or more) excluding heads-ups and Double or Nothing.
Blue StarPoeng: 10
Poker - Blue Star
Poker sit&go tournaments winner (3 per day, all with buyin 10,000 or more) excluding heads-up and Double or Nothing.
Champions CupPoeng: 30
Poker - Champions Cup
Champion League final poker tournament winner.
Black T-shirtPoeng: 5
Poker - Black T-shirt
10 or more Poker headsup tournaments played per day (with buyin 50,000 or more)
Black StarPoeng: 10
Poker - Black Star
Poker headsup tournaments winner (5 per day, all with buyin 50,000 or more).
Bright T-shirtPoeng: 10
Poker - Bright T-shirt
Participation in special event tournament.
Bright medalPoeng: 50
Poker - Bright medal
Premium place in special tournament.
Bright StarPoeng: 1000
Poker - Bright Star
First place in special tournament
New Year's PlayerPoeng: 50
Poker - New Year's Player
Participation in New Year's tournament.
New Year's FinalistPoeng: 250
Poker - New Year's Finalist
Premium place in New Year's tournament.
New Year's WinnerPoeng: 5000
Poker - New Year's Winner
First place in New Year's Tournament
Slots JackpotPoeng: 5
Gamedesire - Slots Jackpot
Slots Jackpot winner.
ChiefPoeng: 0
Gamedesire - Chief
Chief status awarded
LordPoeng: 0
Gamedesire - Lord
Lord status awarded
EssPoeng: 0
Gamedesire - Ess
Ace status awarded
Video Poker JackpotPoeng: 5
Gamedesire - Video Poker Jackpot
Video Poker Jackpot winner.
High BreakPoeng: 2
Biljardspill - High Break
Getting break of 100 or higher when playing snooker.
Maximum BreakPoeng: 20
Biljardspill - Maximum Break
Getting maximum possible break (147) in snooker.
Bad Beat JackpotPoeng: 200
Poker - Bad Beat Jackpot
Losing a hand in Poker Texas Hold'em while holding very strong hand.
Blackjack JackpotPoeng: 5
Gamedesire - Blackjack Jackpot
Blackjack Jackpot winner.
GameDesire SlayerPoeng: 20
Gamedesire - GameDesire Slayer
Player who won in special game with Gamedesire employee.
Welcome to MoneyLandPoeng: 2
Poker - Welcome to MoneyLand
Playing the very first poker hand after registering an account.
First VictoryPoeng: 2
Poker - First Victory
Winning a poker hand for the first time.
First BattlePoeng: 2
Poker - First Battle
Participating in the first tournament (event or sit&go).
Got it!Poeng: 5
Poker - Got it!
Finishing planned tournament with a prize for the first time.
Bubble boyPoeng: 20
Poker - Bubble boy
Finishing poker event tournament "on the bubble" (right behind paid places) for the first time.
DareDevilPoeng: 2
Poker - DareDevil
First poker hand won when going all-in preflop.
Big PotPoeng: 2
Poker - Big Pot
First poker pot won over 5,000 GameChips.
Richie RichPoeng: 2
Gamedesire - Richie Rich
Reaching account balance of 10,000 GameChips for the first time.
Tourney GuruPoeng: 5
Poker - Tourney Guru
Playing 10 event tournaments.
Tourney Bot (Sit&go)Poeng: 2
Poker - Tourney Bot (Sit&go)
Playing 10 sit&go tournaments excluding heads-ups.
Tourney Bot (Heads' up)Poeng: 2
Poker - Tourney Bot (Heads' up)
Playing 10 heads'up tournaments.
PokerholicPoeng: 2
Poker - Pokerholic
Playing 15 poker hands (ring games and tournaments).
Loyal PlayerPoeng: 20
Gamedesire - Loyal Player
Profile registered and active for 1 year.

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How to get

Play games, collect points and achievements!

Chosen successes mean getting given amount of points and a special achievement.


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