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Caça Palavras
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Board and world list

The board has 16x16 squares that the computer puts randomly selected words on. The list of words that are hidden on the board is in the chart on the right. Next to each word there is a number of letters the word contains of.

A player’s task is to find the hidden words on the board, which can be placed horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The words can be read both from the left to the right or otherwise, up and down or in any diagonal direction.

The words are selected by pressing and holding the left mouse button on the first letter of the word and passing it to the last letter (in the word direction), then releasing the mouse button. If the word selected is included in the list, its letters turn yellow and the player scores points.


While playing the game a player passes from one level to another, with higher and higher difficulty level. Next to the panel on the board there is the number of hidden words as well as the required percentage of the words necessary to pass to another level. There is also a time-counter there of the time limit to complete the level. A player has 180 seconds to finish the first level; every next level is 5% shorter, i.e. the second one is 180*95%, the third one is 180*95%*95%, etc.


The scoring is calculated as follows: a player scores the number of points equal to the number of letters the word consists of for each word found. If a player scores extra the required number of points, he/she gets 50 points multiplied by the level number. For finding all the words at the level a player gets an extra bonus of 500 points. Having completed the game at a particular level, the computer marks all the words on it as well as the ones that have never been found by the player.

Game over

The game is over the moment that a player is not able to find the required number of words on the board within the time limit.