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Crazy Eights
Sala de Jogo Online - Crazy Eights


The game is about putting cards in hand onto a face-up pile. The card must follow the suit or rank, i.e. if the card is the Ace , the player can play any Ace or follow the suit.

Players are dealt 5 cards and the other cards remain face down on the table.

One card is face up on the face-down pile. It determines the card that is to be led by the first player.

Players follow the suit or rank of the card on the face-up pile.

If a player does not have a card of the suit or rank of the face-up pile, he collects the top card from the face-down pile. If it is possible to play a card onto a face-up pile, a player is allowed to do it. If the player does not have the required card, the turn is taken over by the opponent.

It is not obligatory to play a card. A player is allowed to collect a card from the pile and pass on the move to the opponents with no card played.

The player who played an Eight of any suit but to follow the suit of the card on the face-up pile is allowed to chose the suit for the opponent.

The game objective is to get rid of all the cards in hand as soon as possible before the opponents do.

If one of the players plays the last card in hand, the game is over and scored points are calculated.


Having finished each game, penalty points are scored to the players who have cards left in hand after one of them has played the last card onto the face-up pile.

The point value of cards:

Ace - 1 negative point
2, 3...10 - 2-10 negative points according to the face value
King, Queen, Jack - 10 negative points
Eights - 50 negative points

The number of negative points each player has scored is displayed at the nick.


The moment that one of the players scores or exceeds the maximum points agreed at the beginning, i.e. 100, 200 or 500, he leaves the game.

A player also leaves the game when the game time is over.

Other players play the game until one of them remains in the game.