Um jogo clássico de tabuleiro, também conhecido como Othello.

Só para pessoas maiores de 18 anos.

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The game is meant for two people.

Players make their moves at turns by placing their discs on the board.

The discs which are placed on the board cannot be moved in any way. The only thing that players are allowed to do is change their color.

A player’s objective is to get the majority of discs of the color when all the squares are occupied, which means winning the game.

Capturing, changing the disc color, is when a player’s disc is placed in such a way that starting with it in one row, column or one diagonal line it was outflanked by one or more opponent’s disc; the player’s disc just behind it.

The opponent’s discs placed in a line between the player’s discs are captured and they change the color becoming the player’s own ones. It means that one disc can change its owner many times during the game.

If a player cannot capture a disc while making a move, he or she is obliged to pass.

Players are not obliged to capture the row with a higher number of discs if he or she can choose.

The game is played as long as there are still vacant squares on the board.


The game is played as long as there are still vacant squares on the board.

A player who has more discs of his or her own color on the board wins.

It is also possible to surrender the game or finish it with a tie.