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The game board consists of two rows of places to put the letters on. The computer sets the drawn letters in a lower row. A player’s task is to combine as many correct words out of them as possible by moving the letters from the lower to the upper row. Letters can be moved with a mouse or a keyboard. While pressing the letter keys a player moves them to the upper row. While pressing the backspace a player moves the letter from the upper row to the lower one. To check the combined word the „Submit” button or the “Enter” key should be used. With the Tab button one can move from the chat bar to the game board and otherwise.


Playing the game is about reaching higher and higher levels of difficulty. On each level, next to the board there is the number of words possible to be combined as well as the percentage of words to be found in order to move to a higher level. There is also a time counter informing how soon the game should be finished. As the levels continue, the number of the requirements of the ratio of the words found to all the possible words is increased.

Correct words

The words which have been combined by a player are checked with a dictionary. If the word exists, the letters it consists of return to a lower row. If the word is not correct or it has been already used, the player is informed about it in the chat bar.

Word scoring

The number of points a player scores for combining a correct word depends on the number of its letters; for three-letter words a player scores 10 points, for four letter words – 20 points, for five-letter words 30 points, for six-letter 50 points; for seven-letter words 100. For completing a level, a player receives 100 points multiplied by the number of level.

Random change of letter position

At any moment a player can reset the letters at random within the lower bar. The „Shuffle” button is used for that; you can also use the ~ (tilde) button to do that. The upper bar can be cleared using the „Clear” button as well as (“Escape” on a keyboard), a player can restore the latest word by the „Last Word” button or a space bar.

Game over

The game is over when a player is not able co combine enough words with the available letters within the time limit to meet the requirements as for the ratio of the words found to the words possible to be completed.