Gin Rummy

Um jogo para 2 pessoas onde fazes naipes/jogadas ou 3 a 4 do mesmo naipe para fazer Gin ou Knock para ganhar.

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  • Gamedesire - Jackpot do Videopoker
  • Gamedesire - Silver whistle

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Como começar o jogo?

  • Clique no botão acima Jogar Agora ou selecione na lista abaixo a sala que você deseja jogar. O jogo abrirá em uma nova janela.

Resumo das Regras

Game rules in 60 seconds
  • A full pack of cards consisting of 52 cards from Two to Ace is used to play GIN.
  • The card seniority is from King to Ace. There is no trump suit.
  • In the first dealing the dealer is selected at random.
  • Players are dealt 10 cards each. The 21st card remains face up. It starts the face-up pile. The other cards are in a face-down pile called the stock.
  • The game objective is to set the cards in hand into the proper sets so that there are as few unset cards left as possible.
  • There are two kinds of card sets - groups of ranks and sequences combined in such a way that there are as few cards left unset as possible.
  • Players collect and exchange cards until one of them "knocks", i.e. declares finishing the game. The player who has knocked drops one of his or her cards onto the face-up pile and presents the sets to the other player.
  • A player can "knock" having collected the card from the pile but only if the sum of the value of the unset cards (which do not fit any sets) does not exceed 10. The set of cards in which the sum of the unset card value equals 0 is called "gin".
  • More about GIN rules You can see in our .

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