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Рамми 2004
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Players are dealt 13 cards each. The remaining cards are a face-down pile. One of the cards is face up. The game is started by the dealer's opponent.

The game is about combining cards into sequences or rank groups. A sequence is minimum 3 successive cards of a suit, i.e. for example Queen , Jack and Ten . A group is minimum 3 cards of the same rank, e.g. 2 2 2.

Each move consists of three elements:

Collecting a card - the game is started by collecting a card from the table. A player can decide whether to collect a card from the face-down or face-up pile.
Melding - having collected a card from the face-up or face-down pile, a player can always mark a selected combination (both a sequence and a group), by marking the successive cards of the combination and laying them off (melding). A player, for example, has 4 ,3 and 2 , so he or she must mark the successive cards and accept "lay off". Having laid the combination off, it is possible to mark another one.

It is also possible to add a card to the existing combination, e.g. there are Queen , Queen i Queen laid off on the table, and a player has Queen in hand, he or she is allowed to add it to the rank group. When there are more than one possibilities of adding the card to the combinations on the table, there is a possibility to select the combination to ad the card to.

Dropping a card - having laid all the possible cards off and added them to the combinations on the table, the card to be dropped should be marked.

While collecting cards from the face-up pile it is possible to collect any number of cards, not only the first one. The card to be collected last is marked then.

However there is the rule that if only one card is collected from the pile, it cannot be dropped immediately. In case of collecting a few cards, the card situated the lowest in the cards collected from the pile must be included in the melds in the move. The computer analyses the possibility of performing the move and the card sticks out of the cards in hand. It is not possible to unmark it. It should be either added to the combination on the table or used in a new one. If using the card in a meld is not possible, it will not be possible to collect the card group.

The round is played until one of the players lays all the cards off on the table or drops the last one onto the face-up pile or there are no more cards in the face-down pile. In this moment the points are scored.


Card value:

Ace - depending on the combination it is worth 15 pts or 1 pt (in a sequence with 2, 3 it is worth 1 pt.)
King, Queen, Jack, 10 - 10 pts.
Cards 9-2 - according to their number 9-2

For each combination melded the player scores the number of points equal to the sum of the points of the cards used in the combination, e.g. for Ace , Ace , Ace the player scores 45 pts; for Ace , 2 , 3 - 6 pts (the exception when Ace scores 1 pt.)

When the round is finished by the opponent, the player scores positive points for the melded combinations and negative points for the cards in hand.

If the number of points of cards in hand is higher than the number of points scored for melds, negative scoring is possible.

Even if the moment that the round is finished by the opponent, the player has cards to meld, there is no possibility to perform a move; negative points are scored.


The game is over when one of the players scores the specified point limit (100, 200 or 500 pts.).

When one of the players finishes the round in which the point limit is exceeded, the winner is the player who scored more points.

If the time limit is set on and one of the players' time limit is over, the winner is the player who still has the time for the game, even if the point limit has not been reached yet.