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trying to play a tournament in poker texas holdem

4 years 287 days ago

The hands are obviously set up to make people bet against each other and they are obviously not random.
People who play the hand correctly keep getting shafted time and time again on the river and the poor player keeps winning the chips which ruins the game.
Occasionally yes you expect to lose on the river but when your opponent has one out in the pack and it comes on the river and happens 6 times out of 10 then its stupid.

foul on hitting nominatted ball

4 years 326 days ago

if opponent fouls and gives you a free ball with only colours on the table then you are not allowed to snooker behind the ball you nominate unless only the pink and black are only balls on table.
That is why you then got called for a foul shot and your opponents gets points.

Snooker Touching Ball Error

5 years 70 days ago

another issue is if your opponent needs snookers and gets you in one and you miss it when trying to get out of it then it cant be called a miss.
ive seen players 100 points behind with pink and black left trying to get snooker in jaws of pocket to get three misses then forfeit game rule which is ridiculous.

Good joke stuff

5 years 73 days ago

Rumour has it a bar of chocolate was found in george michaels cell up his ass.
Probably just a careless wispa.

Playing 15 trny's per day every day is for people with no life

5 years 83 days ago

to spend 10hrs per day every day for a month on a game site is as sad as it gets.

Round of 16 : Brazil - Chile

5 years 152 days ago

if the final was for 2 teams who play best attacking football then i agree spain v argentina.
If spain play there best game it doesnt matter who they play.