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Poker Texas Hold'em

Poker Texas Hold'em

3 years 332 days ago   

Good joke stuff

4 years 160 days ago

my wife and were happy for twenty years...then we met

no fly zone

4 years 161 days ago

i wish i had a no fly zone....spring time sun brings the house flies

Forum Rules Suggestion

4 years 169 days ago

never mind


4 years 169 days ago

i do have a mobile number....or what i like to call a cell phone number but i'm not advertising it here and if GD needs my email addy...they have that already Cutie2Cuddle...thanx for your reply...i was wondering myself when i posted the message to warp if I.AM.LONGWINDED would post something haha only for once

OMG News

4 years 175 days ago

anyone know how to retrieve lost password for the safe.i can't remeber my password and would like to get chips from the safe


4 years 188 days ago

your still full of crap though.....


4 years 196 days ago

rum is the answer

trying to play a tournament in poker texas holdem

4 years 196 days ago

can't help ya then....on mine there is

trying to play a tournament in poker texas holdem

4 years 196 days ago

auto muck cards button,bottom right

Your friendly neighbourhood is back

4 years 222 days ago

turning down a wrong way street is a mistake,cutting a 2 x 4 too short is a mistake.....stealing is premeditated,knowingly doing a wrong isn't a mistake it's a crime.


4 years 251 days ago

a thief is a thief is a thief....let the numbers decide...guilty?...banned for life...not guilty ?...banned for life
should be end of story

Good joke stuff

4 years 350 days ago


who's there?