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Zodiac sign: libra
Birthday: 1992-09-30
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Final Destination Is Death - Rest In Peace!!! "Death will stalk those who didn't die according to their destiny..."
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Happy New Year 107 days ago
Happy New Year
Lucky horseshoe1 year 107 days ago
Lucky horseshoe
Treasure chest2 years 109 days ago
Treasure chest
Cherry cake2 years 142 days ago
Cherry cake
From: Nitesh Vashisht
We will start off our journey with the cake and to our surprise, in spite of it being digital. E-Cake...!!!
Cup of tea3 years 10 days ago
Cup of tea
From: ilonka19801
Namaste :P , good luck :)
Snow globe3 years 111 days ago
Snow globe
From: 0varun
Gingerbread man3 years 113 days ago
Gingerbread man
From: lee.jarratt
It's all I could afford, but here's a gingerbread man for the games!
Soccer ball3 years 206 days ago
Soccer ball
From: 0varun
Hockey mask3 years 206 days ago
Hockey mask
From: 0varun
Electric guitar3 years 206 days ago
Electric guitar
From: 0varun
Car keys3 years 206 days ago
Car keys
From: 0varun
Headphones3 years 244 days ago
From: 0varun
Slingshot3 years 280 days ago
From: 0varun