Bingo Slots

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Вземете вашите купони и завъртете, за да спечелите Бинго!
7 онлайн

Как се играе Bingo Slots - правила на играта

Bets and rooms

Bingo Slots - tutorial screen 1

Choose your bets

Your bet size will determine how much you risk on each spin. Bet more to win more!

Bingo Slots - tutorial screen 2

Play with friends!

Each player on the list can see the same reels and spins results. On the players list, below each nickname, you can see the number of coupons that each player has for the current round. The number of symbols needed for a bingo is displayed there as well.

Spinning around

Bingo Slots - tutorial screen 3

Get coupons

Each coupon will cost you some coins, depending on the stakes you've chosen. You can add up to 5 coupons, your chances get better and better with each extra coupon. Coupons are worth more and more with every spin.

Bingo Slots - tutorial screen 4

Paylines and numbers

Once you score a winning payline, the number on the symbol means you scored it on your coupon too.

Just Bingo!

Bingo Slots - tutorial screen 5

Hit it!

Hit the BINGO button as soon as you have all five numbers on your coupon covered. Stay focused and don't miss your chance! Score Bingo before the round finishes. Each round lasts 25 spins.

Bingo Slots - tutorial screen 6


In cases when there is more than 1 winner, the pot is divided equally between all players who claimed Bingo.