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Билярд 8 - 2009

Билярд 8 - 2009

Билярд 8 - 2009
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David Cassidy


Was sad when I heard David Cassidy had passed away today, for lots of reasons

So young, so talented,

But even more so he was so troubled... addictions, illness and worried about becoming a burden on his loved ones if and when dementia caught up with him

Dementia scared him... he had watched his grandfather battle the disease and witnessed his mother 'disappear' into dementia until she finally died at the age of  89.

He always  said: 'I was in denial, but a part of me always knew this was coming.'

Can you imagine living like that... waiting ?

I witnessed dementia in my own family and it was scary to watch,

 I cant imagine how I'd feel if I thought 'this could actually happen to me'

You see even 'famous' people with money, nice homes, nice lifestyles suffer, albeit behind closed doors most of the time

But getting back to David Cassidy.. My 1st love lol  The reason I argued constantly with my mum about putting posters up on my bedroom wall

 ( I think she had a nice floral wallpaper in mind ) No ty !

I went away on holiday with the school for a week and when I came back, she had 'given in' and had covered one.. yes just the one wall with David Cassidy pics,

 A collage, from top to bottom soooooo many pics u couldn't put a pin between them ( she must of hunted and sat for hours in my absence sorting out and cutting pics to fit )

So it meant I woke up every morning to David Cassidy looking at me  :)

It seems and feels like a life time away,

Even hearing David's songs on the radio in latter years, they always bought a smile to my face... Good old days I guess !

So thank you Mr Cassidy... Long may you keep a smile on my face and all your other fans too

RIP ... No more pain, No more waiting

You will be missed !