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Have you heard about Bulgaria?

For a great regret, this is my "country". The most miserable across Europe (and perhaps not only). I'm a human, and for this reason, this latitude makes it extremely difficult for me to stay in it. The same goes for another 5 million people. Everyday survival is difficult because the Bulgarians in question are suitable only for politicians and their private whores as well as for gipsies.

Our steppe - the politician, has everything - he doesn't work; his only job is to enter into agreements that keep him in power. There are no other duties - in the morning, he starts off another overeating, meets his mistress, serves his old "offal", oozes, checks accounts for new additions and distributes them (usually among friends, relatives, private whores and offshoots). There are at least 10-15 homes and properties in the region. The car is changing every season. His public expression is more than clear - "We are struggling for the stability of the state", "We have achieved visible results", "We did not have that and that", "We have achieved an increase of 12 points to 12, 345 points" ... Moreover, of course, our simple, accurately crafted people are breaking their beliefs. Not because he hates his opponent. For the same reason. Repeat.

A homie (also a human) once said: Bulgarian women are the most beautiful and the simplest. In general, this means everything. However, come two rows for them too. Perhaps in your countries, you are increasingly seeing successful women - beautiful, with some strange business, shiny car, expensive brand names, and showing a clear vision of a successful life and overwhelming self-achievement. What is behind this (at least for my habitat) - in fact, this is the most common private whore of the aforementioned, usually 30+ years old, obligingly lamb and pawling the offal of a 50+ year old politician / businessman, also providing a strange businessman she could not actually pay for one-third of the implant in her mouth or tits, flat, cabriolet, excursions every year with an all-inclusive. She, of course, "loves" and believes deeply in love, and has a tremendous moral heart because she usually makes herself a sophomore with socially weak children (nothing that the accent is in the photos) or writing philosophical statuses. Repeat.

The third species, ideally suited to the habitat, fight successfully with its demographics. It is directly related to the first species and develops at an increasing pace. Gipsies will be predominant in Bulgaria, according to forecasts around 2027-28. Their inferiority is usually challenging to communicate, lives in specially adapted areas (inaccessible to the white world), the ghettos of which AIDS is running. The law is themselves. We call them human-like. Their upper class looks after the supreme life of politicians. These are gipsy gipsies working on politicians' political projects - huge companies, earning in advance billions of dollars. The billions go to companies that are never bothered by prosecution offices, and the gipsies receive money, usually by hand, without employment contracts, without insurance, and without any understanding of the situation. (That leaves more billions to eat and sell private whores). Their other function, because they grow here, is that they are an elected electorate and take care of the eternal power of politicians. Both the inferior and the supreme kind terrorise men, hate them and separate themselves from them. That's why life for us, people, is tough. Here again, without Repeat. Because when the species disappears, this cycle will crash and the wheel will come out of its axis. Only the gipsies will feel it. Politicians and their whores are long gone.

... The End thks