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GOOD AND EVIL 05.03.2018

     Good and evil are very different things.   Evil does what ever it wants to get what it wants without any regard to who get hurts.   Good looks out for the betterment of the world.   It wants to make things better.   It has morals, respect, loyalty, and courage to make the world a better place.   I once heard a really profound quote.   It said evil does what ever it wants to (win) no matter how unscrupulous it is and that is ok because it is the nature of evil.   But good can not lie or cheat.   Good must do the right thing no mater what evil does to them, BECAUSE WHEN GOOD TAKES ON THE WAYS OF EVIL IT BECOMES EVIL AND EVIL WINS.   You need to trust good to win on its own merits.   

     Just because someone did something mean or evil or hateful to you does not justify you doing the same to them.   IF YOU ACT LIKE THE EVIL PERSON THAT HURT YOU, YOU HAVE JUST CROSSED OVER TO THE EVIL SIDE, and EVIL WINS.    You have just given those you are mad at exactly what they wanted.   You allowed them to drag you down to their level.   You can not think you are better then someone else if you do the bad things to them they did to you.   Just because you think you are on the side of righteousness does not give you the right to do the very thing you are angry at someone else for doing.    Evil wins.

     Then there is karma and trust me it exists.   I have been smacked down by karma a few times.   If you do bad things bad things come back to you.   If you wish harm to someone else harm comes back to you.   Karma is the great equalizer.   Karma knows even if someone hurts you it does not give you the right to hurt them back.    We all have to make our own choices.   Do we want to be good people and put good into the world, or do we want to be influenced to do the wrong thing by people who make a career of doing the wrong thing?    I know not what choices others take, but USUALLY I will take the high road most of the time.   On the rare occasion I have allowed my darker side out, I have ended up regretting it.  

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  • l_want_to_ride_your_harley106 дни преди
    I would also like to point out I feel there are no random events in this world everything runs according to a plan. We do not see the plan but we do not see air either and it exists. The fact you can not see or touch something does not make it any less real.
  • ҉ ÐRAGÕNFÏŔΕ ҉105 дни преди
    How To Survive Personal Attacks! God Blessings Upon All https://youtu.be/gJDr5Y8uetY
  • ҉ ÐRAGÕNFÏŔΕ ҉105 дни преди
    You Can Delete this After You Listen .Take Care Bro.....
  • l_want_to_ride_your_harley105 дни преди
    I am not deleting it I loved it thank you very much one thing though lol I am not a bro I am a girl. lol
  • ♫♪☺Karma☺♪♫100 дни преди
    You said you find it interesting I proved your point for you. No,I did not,I was responding to the latter of your post,not the fictional part.(Depending on the reader) I said there is no such thing as ''Karma'' Nothing to do with the ''Will Of God''It is not the same concept. Not at all, I said that there are similarities. We might feel sorry for ourselves, we may think it’s unfair, but we make the causes for the effects we experience day in, day out. Now you may be saying that it’s destiny, or coincidence, but that simply means you are delegating responsibility for your life to fate or a mystical figure whose existence can never be proven. Why do we allow ourselves to be fooled? When we know the reason for events, we accept the situation and move on. When we don’t know (or remember) why something has hap****d, we waft it away with airy fairy excuses, like fate or God’s will. I’ve been through the mill in the last year. A failed relationship, serious illness and a death in the family. More than enough to make me feel, at times, enough is enough. But when I sit and think things through, it is not ''Karma'' or God punishing me for my ''sins'' So I hold my hands up, I’m culpable, in part at the very least, the ''chanting, prayer and or meditation'' we use are the tools we use to start to put things right. You might be thinking this doesn’t apply in your case, but I believe you are wrong. Accept your own responsibility and start making the causes to get the effects you would like to see.