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     I am sitting here crying.   My boyfriend just called me to tell me he was on the way to the store to get my Christmas present.  That should make one happy to hear someone is getting them a present, but not me.   I am so upset and angry it is not even funny.   I asked him how he was getting there and the told me his mother was taking him.  That is how he usually gets where he is going, his mom drives him.   That would not normally be a problem, but what I have not told you yet is both his mother and his aunt were diagnosed with pneumonia Sunday, and she has not got hardly any of her medication into her yet.    I asked him why he was dragging his mother out with pneumonia.   I could not believe his answer.    He said it is not that cold out.   I was so angry.   I told him with pneumonia it does not need to be cold out to die from it.  
     It was then that my feelings of loss of my own mother took over.   I miss her every day.   I said to him I lost my mother do you want to lose yours.   He said no.   I said getting me a present is not as important as your mothers life.    He actually thought I would be excited because he was going to get it tonight.   I am so worried about his mom , I could care less about a present for me.    His mom is not a young woman, and it will take her a while to get well.   Running around where she can get other germs is not going to help her get better.   The fact my neighbor who is 93 fell the other day and broke her hip and I was already worried about her.   Now I have to worry about my b/f mom and how stupid they all are, because they were in the car on the way to Walmart when he called me.   I hate selfishness is outweighing good sense.   He may not see it as being selfish sense the plan was to get me a Christmas present, but I did not ask him to drag his mom out of her sick bed to get it.   In fact I keep telling her to rest and him to make sure she takes her medication.
     This time of year is hard for me anyhow, and now I am so scared I am going to lose another friend this year.   I do not know I may be a little selfish myself , because I do not want to lose another friend.   Over the years between the week before Thanksgiving and Christmas I have lost my father, my grandfather, two good friends, and the first man I ever loved.   I do not want to lose someone else I love this year.   So if I am selfish for not wanting my b/f to take his sick mom out shopping in hopes I will not lose another friend, then so be it.    I am do upset.   How do I get him to understand why going shopping with pneumonia is a realllllllllly bad idea even it if is warm outside.

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  • EgoPatrol85 дни преди
    we are not perfect... any of us! good/bad, sometimes even evil... his heart is in the right place and mom is mom... can never say no to her child, even if he is in his 60's as ur bf )) sometimes we cant see the forest for its trees... basically you want him to listen to you, and have your worries and values if I understood it right? let him be a man in his way... my humble opinion and stop worrying about things that don't depend on you... this could make life easier I think! just be happy to be alive and have sb to love you for who you are ))
  • GʀɪᴛɴGʀᴀᴄᴇ84 дни преди
    Ditto what Ego said. Knowing you, I know he isn't a young man, unless you have become a cougar . Let him make his own decisions and if those decisions mean doing something to try to please you, then let it be. Sure you have lost family, most all of us have at one time or another. The thing to do is enjoy the ones you have around you now. Don't let your sorrow get in the way of your happiness.
  • Larry@ya137580 дни преди
    Is this a serious post?