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Stav: svobodný(á)
Zajímá mne: žena, muž
Hledám: přátelství
Zodiac sign: blíženci
Narozeniny: 1964-05-23
Připojena: 07.10.2017
You Have To * Live * Love * Laugh * In This Life Of Ours!! It Will Keep You * Happy * Smiling * Beautiful * & Sane * ....
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** I have marked my photos! Don't take them and use them for yourselves!

By the way.... My profile says I am looking for men and women
But I am ONLY looking for friends. Not anything sexual that's why
I said (men & women )when I put that up as such.. ok. :)

** Make sure you check out my Blog here!! ;--)

Something about me that kind of says the kind of person I am is ---

--- My motto in life is...

Live - Love - Laugh! Otherwise what is the point of life? And I try to always go to bed with a smile and wake up with one. Also I always try to make others laugh or at least smile, when I come into contact with them to make them feel good or just to brighten up their day some.
Card & Board Games, Traveling, Dancing and Writing....
Oblíbené filmy:
Comedies, Action and Romance Movies.
Oblíbená hudba:
Pop, Hip-Hop and the Blues...
Oblíbené knihy:
Věci, které mám rád(a):
Honest & Real People who are not judgemental...
Věci, které nemám rád(a):
Liars, Fake People, Users, Mean People..