Poker Omaha

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Vier Karten pro Person! Das beste Blatt gewinnt!
185 online

So wird gespielt Poker Omaha - Spielregeln

When you choose a table, use the 'Sit Down' option to start a game. First you must buy-in to the table.

Determining the number of chips with which we enter into the Poker Omaha game.

After that you can play with other players. Depending on the situation you can take different actions such as ‘Fold’, ‘Check’, ‘Call’ or ‘Raise’ (you can write the requested amount in the white box or simply use the slider). Remember, there is a time limit for each move. It's displayed by the green bar under your cards. For the convenience of the players, we have added keyboard shortcuts.

Table to play Omaha Poker.

In addition to the options related to the active game, players can also:

Additional options in the game: rest, get up from the table and adding chips.

  • Sit out - this very convenient feature allows you to take a break from the game for some time without losing your spot at the table.
  • Stand Up – leave the current game and give up your seat
  • Rebuy - by clicking this option you can add more Virtual Cash to your current game without leaving the table

Personal options

Available when you are sitting at the table.

Chat configuration options.
  • Game options - available when you participate actively in the game
  • Hide chat panel - you can turn off chat for a better view
  • Game history -the Game History section allows you to view information about recent hands played at this table
  • Players in room - by clicking this icon you open the players list
  • Turn the sound off