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Bingo on seltskondlik mäng, kus loositakse juhuslikke numbreid ning mängijad märgistavad need oma ostetud piletitel kuni joonistub välja kindel muster.

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Always wanted to try Bingo but didn't have an occasion so far? Wait no more!


"Love both bingo 75 and 90. Im in heaven!!" - Kimberly "Fun game love to play it" - Deena "Really enjoy this awesome bingo game!!" - Susan


The only game that you can shout BINGO!

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The only game that you can shout BINGO!

How to start Bingo?

  • To begin playing choose one of two kinds of the game: Bingo 75 and Bingo 90 and click "Play!".

Kuidas mängida mängu Bingo

  • After entering the table, please buy your coupons using the scrollbar in the center part of the window. The more coupons You buy, the greater chance to win.
  • The first player with completely filled coupon should instantly press "Bingo", informing other players about winning the prize.
  • Coupons are sorted automatically by the number of balls left to complete the pattern.

veel infot: Bingo reeglid | Wikipedia link

game also available on: Android | iOS (iPhone, iPad)