Café do Brasil


Carnival, football and samba... What country does come to mind when we read these words? If you thought about Brazil - you're right! But Brazil is so much more... Thanks to the Café do Brasil event on GameDesire you can feel almost like you were there. Take part in Brazilian tournaments, collect a gift collection and check how much you know about this country - the fastest responses will be rewarded with high bonuses!

Don't miss the start of the next edition of APRIL SUPER BONUS. You can get up to $25,000,000 chips! If you participate in the Spring Challenge - take part in Amazonas Tournament, in which you can get extra points for the Challenge!

As the Brazilians say - Boa sorte!

Amazonas Tournament

Take part in a great Amazonas Tournament and get amazing treasures. There's $250,000,000 chips in the pot!
You can sign up for the tournament directly or take part in one of the three satellite tournaments!


Brazilian Collection

Feel the South American atmosphere and awaken the soul of the collector. If by Friday 12.04 (10.00 UTC) you will collect all gifts from the Brazilian Collection (Brazilian Magician, Samba Girl, Brazilian Coin) - you will receive from us GUARANTEED PRIZES and you will be able to compete for SPECIAL AWARDS.

    • $25,000 chips
    • 1 ticket for Golden Arena
    • 2 tickets for Silver Arena
    • 5 tickets for Brozne Arena
    • 10 shuffles in Mahjong game
    • exclusive Café do Brasil gift, which you will never be able to buy, and the possession of which can really pay... Why? Café do Brasil is the first of 3 exclusive gifts, which you can get in April by taking part in Monday challenges. If you manage to collect all the exclusive gifts you will be able to fight for APRIL SUPER BONUS.

    • 10x $200,000 chips, which can be won only by players who have collected the whole Brazilian Collection. All you need to do is to click at notification that will be send every hour from April 12 (6PM UTC) to April 13 (3AM UTC). The fastest player will be rewarded.

*All Guaranteed Prizes will be added to players' accounts till April 12, 3PM UTC.


Brazilian Riddle

Our Brazilian boy in GameDesire Team (admin Bras) has prepared a few questions, which will check your knowledge about this beautiful country. This time the prize for breaking code is $250,000 chips (per each riddle) for the 5 fastest guessers.
Questions will be posted here daily at 1PM UTC - if you know the answer, just enter it.

  1. April 8, Monday: Music, dance and acrobatics merge into the Brazilian martial art, which is known all over the world. Just enter its name and you will win a large amount of chips!
  2. April 9, Tuesday: Stars on the national emblem of Brazil symbolize the number of states, capital and Coat of Arms. If you know, how many of them there is - the way to victory is open!
  3. April 10, Wednesday: One of the most famous Brazilian players is Neymar Jr. What is the name of the stadium of the club that he belongs to? Remember to type the answer using lowercase letters and without spaces.
  4. April 11, Thursday: In the 60s, Bossa Nova was one of the most recognizable music styles in the world, associated with Brazil. The English title (small letters, spaces) of one of the biggest hits is...
  5. April 12, Friday: A famous sports club that every Brazilian can keep in his wallet is... Yes, we know it's very simple, but we had to ask this question ;-)


APRIL SUPER BONUS – get up to $25,000,000 chips!

All players who accumulated 3 exclusive gifts (the first is Café do Brasil, hints how to get future exclusive gifts will be published on April 15 and on April 29) in April will take part in the fight for 5 packages - $5,000,000 chips each. The total amount of chips won can reach up to $25,000,000! All you need to do is to click faster than others on the notifications that will be sent on following dates:

  • May 6, 12PM UTC
  • May 6, 4PM UTC
  • May 6, 8PM UTC
  • May 7, 12AM UTC
  • May 7, 4AM UTC

To get exclusive Café do Brasil gift collect all gifts from Brazilian Collection or take part in Amazonas Tournament.