Poker Elite Tournaments

Take part in prestigous night tournaments for VIP poker players every Wednesday night! Buyins differ from $300,000 chips to even $5,000,000 chips!

Timeline of the first series of Dark Night turnaments:

Finished: April 24 | Dark Night, buyin: $300,000, $30,000,000 to win
Finished: May 1 | Dark Night Extreme, buyin: $600,000, $45,000,000 to win
Finished: May 8 | Dark Night Exclusive, buyin: $1,000,000, $60,000,000 to win
Finished: May 15 | Dark Night VIP, buyin: $5,000,000, $100,000,000 to win

Play big, win even bigger and make Wednesday nights legendary!

Take a premium place in each Dark Night tournament listed above and get from us an equivalent of half of the buyins and rebuys that you made in them! 

Go for it!