Happy Halloween!


In this spooky period you'll find a renewed Clan Battle (check out the NEW RULES!), lots of terrible tournaments, flying bonuses, ghostly gifts and much more!

Scarrrry Battle - changes are coming!

Taking into account the numerous comments of the players, we have decided to change the rules of the Clan Battle.

From now on, you will be able to earn points for your clan through participation in Tournaments ONLY. Grind points will NOT be taken into account anymore.

Scarrrry Battle Tournament points will be counted from 11:00 UTC on 28th October to 6:00 UTC on 8th November.

For your convenience, we have added a new section on the clan website (HERE), where we present the upcoming big tournaments in which you can earn points. Points can also be earned in Sit & Go tournaments - although due to their characteristics (they start not at a certain time, and when a certain number of players gather) - we will not present them in the Tournament section on the Clan Battle page. Please note that the tournament ranking is not counted in satellite tournaments, Double Or Nothing 1M & 2M tournaments and heads-up tournaments (one on one).

Pay special attention to the SPECIAL TURNAMENTS prepared for Halloween (tab SPECIAL TURNAMENTS on the Clan Battle website). Thanks to the HIGH POOL, achieving good results in them will result in properly high score!

Choose one of 8 available clans and participate in Scarrrry Battle! As always, the winners will have eternal glory and MILLIONS OF CHIPS.


Trick-or-treat - Collection

NEW, SCARY halloween gifts are available in the gift shop now! Collect them all, or give them to your friends - they will surely be grateful to you!

Especially for Halloween we present extraordinary, special gifts: GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE PUMPKIN. Each of the gifts is available only in 1 unique copy. If you think that such an item will fit your profile well - BUY IT before others. At the end of Scarrrry Battle - we'll inform all players who have received our special pumpkins, and their buyers will gain popularity and immortal fame!


Hall of Fame (owners)


1000 Gold


500 Gold




250 Gold








Flying Bonus - Catch the Witch!

Become the Witch Slayer and win 75 000 000 GameChips every day!

It’s totally FREE

October Super Bonus – get up to $25,000,000 chips!

All players who have accumulated 2 exclusive gifts (the first was Zombie Hunter, second is Halloween Ghost) will take part in the fight for 5 packages - $5,000,000 chips each. The total amount of chips won can reach up to $25,000,000! All you need to do is to click faster than others on the notifications that will be sent on following dates:

  • November 2, 12 PM UTC
  • November 2, 4 PM UTC
  • November 2 8 PM UTC
  • November 3, 12 AM UTC
  • November 3, 4 AM UTC

To get exclusie Halloween Ghost gift that entitles you to fight for OCTOBER SUPER BONUS - take part in at least one of the three special tournaments (HT: Rotten pumpkin, HT: Gloomy Skull, HT: White Lady) prepared for Halloween.