Love is in the air...
Love Week


They say: who has no luck in love is lucky in cards...

We believe that one thing doesn't exclude the other, and positive events also go hand in hand! Receive a special gift GD Heart for free and fight for millions of chips in the "Braveheart" Tournaments. This is also the perfect time to bestow someone special, so there are new Valentine's Day gifts - including some unique ones (hurry up before others do the same). There is also a special challenge for daredevils: catch the GD-Cupid's Arrow and you will get 100,000 chips!

Valentine’s Gift

Click on the link and receive the Valentine's Gift. Why? Because you fully deserve it! :)





Unique gifts

We also have something unique in our shop. Special gifts in a limited Valentine's Day series will make the recipient feel really special.




Ruby heart. A beautiful jewel will delight any woman who receives it as a gift. Especially since there is no other one like it in the whole world! Don't let the competition get ahead of you.



3000 Gold


Who will find the key to the golden heart? This exclusive gift is only available in 3 copies and will surely give the recipient a lot of pleasure!



2000 Gold


Perfume is always a great gift for Valentine's Day. 10 exceptional bottles in the shape of a heart are already waiting to bring joy to the people they will reach!





1000 Gold



Have you not managed to buy our exclusive Valentine gifts? Especially for you, we have prepared another unique special gift: "Pair in Love", which is available in 100 copies only!

Give your friends something special!





The Great Valentine's Day Tournament!

Play in the Braveheart Tournament and take a share of the 250,000,000 chips pot!

You can enter the tournament simply by paying a buy-in or by winning an entry fee in one of 3 satellite tournaments.















Valentine's Day Collection

Valentine's Day gifts (Lovely Lolipop, Heartflower, Huggy Bear, etc.) have appeared in the shop. Think, who would enjoy a gift from you? Send gifts and make others happy for Valentine's Day!





Cupid's arrows

Every day (from 2/10 to 2/16) at 8 PM UTC our GD Amor will shoot an arrow of love (notification) towards the players. If you manage to catch it (click) and at the same time be in the fastest ten players - you will receive 100,000 chips to your account!