Pyramid Curse



A sensational discovery!

This information is in the headlines of all media - a huge sand storm which raged for several days in Egypt revealed the entrance to the buried thousands of years ago the legendary pyramid of Pharaoh Ganymedos!

The area was surrounded by the army, and the Egyptian government invited the most famous archaeologists and researchers, including you, to cooperate. Will you accept the challenge and be able to discover all the secrets of the ancient building?

To win, you have to collect 7 ancient artifacts - the seals of the Egyptian Gods - hidden in the nooks and crannies of the tomb until Tuesday 19.11 (10:00 UTC). Only then will you be able to participate in the prize distribution of 200,000,000 chips!

Seal of Apis
Day 7 (Monday 11/18)

In front of you is the last of the chambers in the pyramid of Pharaoh Ganymedos. The third of the corridors discovered in the Ptah chamber led you directly to the largest of the previously discovered rooms. On the golden pedestal there is a sarcophagus in which the mummy of the pharaoh and countless treasures are placed. However, in order to get to it - you need to have a set of 7 seals.So the time for the final task has come...

Next to the tomb you can see the statue of another Egyptian god. It is Apis - a holy bull, a deity of the underworld, possessing jewels and minerals of the whole world.

Also this time you are able to find the inscription explaining the last task at the monument:

"Celebrate the holy bull, the incarnation of the divine Ptah. Bow to him and compete in the Great Apis Tournament. Top 30 players will warm up in the glow of the GOLDEN SEAL OF APIS!"

The Great Apis Tournament



If you are not lucky, you can get a clay copy of the Seal of Apis at the market nearby.


Buy a clay copy of the Seal of Apis

Seal of ANUBIS
Day 6 (Sunday 11/17)

From Isida's chamber, you returned to the Ptah crypt - to check the middle corridor. After about 50 meters of hiking - you reach a large room, the walls of which have been painted black.

In the middle of the chamber has been placed a pedestal of a man with a jackal's head. Undoubtedly, this is the death room of Anubis, who was to accompany the deceased on his journey to the afterlife.

At the foot of the pedestal you will find an old papyrus written in hieroglyphs. After a moment of reflection, you manage to read its content:

"When the day of end and judgment comes, only those of the faithful, whose integrity and honor will be confirmed by 35 friends, will go on their way with the GOLDEN SEAL of ANUBIS..."


When the Judgement Day come? Could it be the next Monday (11/18) - when Anubis's assignment is settled? Anyway, see if you can show off your 35 friends on your GameDesire profile before the God of the Underground...

If you don't have a chance to pass this test, you can buy a clay copy of the Seal of God Anubis at a nearby market.


Buy a clay copy of the Seal of Anubis

Seal of ISIDA
Day 5 (Saturday 11/16)

You have another challenge to face. In the Ptah chamber you have discovered three corridors leading in three different directions. After a moment of reflection, you choose the first one on the left and soon you will find yourself in another chamber, in which humans haven't stepped for a few thousand years.

Just like in other rooms - the main element here is a large monument - depicting a woman with cow's horns on which the solar shield is based. You have no doubt - you have discovered a room dedicated to Isida, the caretaker of all people, the sister and wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus.

Learned from experience, you look for an inscription that reveals another mystery - and you quickly find it on one of the walls:

"Blessed Isida - worship her and give her sacrificial gifts! Only the most determined followers will receive the GOLDEN SEAL OF ISIDA. The rest will leave with nothing, casting curses and crying alone..."

Make a sacrifice to Iside - by placing on her profile any of the gifts available in the GameDesire store! In return (on Monday 11/18), the goddess will reward 40 fastest donors with her GOLDEN SEAL

Go to profile


If you didn't manage to do so in time, you can buy a clay copy of the Seal of Isida at the nearby market.


Buy a clay copy of the Seal of Isida

Seal of PTAH
Day 4 (Friday 11/15)

The fourth day of search began with the discovery of a masked corridor - leading steeply down from the room of God Horus. Pushing away cobwebs and watching out for scorpions crawling on the floor, you squeeze into a small room...

In the dark you see a statue of another of the Egyptian Gods. The shaved head and the Uas scepter in his hand quickly allow you to recognize him as the guardian of art and crafts. 

At the monument you are lucky enough to find an already blurred inscription:

"Sekhmet, Nefertum, Zeus. Two worshipable and one usurper, offending the traditions and religion of the Great Egypt. Choose wisely avoiding the false God - so that you do not offend the mighty Ammon RA. Only the best 25 of the two highly regarded challenges will be awarded by Ptah with his golden seal..."


The Sekhmet Tournament

The Nefertum Tournament

The Zeus Tournament





Answer the question of which of the gods is described as the "usurper" and fight for a place 1-25 in one of those Yatzy tournaments whose patrons are recognized by Ptah. The prize will be his GOLDEN SEAL. Remember, if you take part in a "Usurper" tournament. - You won't get a prize!

If you're not lucky, or if you've participated in a bad tournament, you can get a clay copy of the Seal of the God Ptah at a nearby market. 


Buy a clay copy of the Seal of Ptah

Seal of HORUS
Day 3 (Thursday 11/14)

The first two days have shown you that you are not afraid of the dark corridors of the Mysterious Pyramid and that you can easily handle tasks that would be challenging for Indiana Jones himself. The third day has come, however, and it brings new challenges.

Another of the discovered chambers is dedicated to Horus. The double crowned falcon - the epitome of Egypt and the guardian of the Monarchy - is central here, with Nekhbet and Wadjet on its left and right, symbolizing Upper and Lower Egypt. As you approach the monument, you will notice a lever at the base of the monument that triggers a mysterious mechanism.

Carefully move the switch and you will see that one of the stone blocks forming the wall moves to reveal the inscription:

"Only as fast as the Falcon will be worthy of the SIGN of the great HORUS. Come back here before the sun hides behind the hill that the priests of Isida are delighted in to and try your luck."

A quick reconnaissance on the outside and you already know which hill the old inscription says about (the ruins of the old temple dedicated to Isida are still available for visitors).

You also managed to establish that the setting sun will hide behind the hill at exactly 8 p.m. UTC. At this exact time of day you have to be there and wait for what happen.... The intuition of an adventurer suggests that you should watch the notifications appearing on the site, so that the 70 fastest players can win the SEAL OF HORUS.

If you were not lucky enough, you can buy a clay copy of the Seal of HORUS at the nearby market. 


Buy a clay copy of the Seal of Horus


Seal of Osiris
Day 2 (Wednesday 11/13)

A long, downhill corridor reveals another chamber in front of you. This time, a sculpture of Mumia with a scepter and a whip in her hands emerges from the darkness.

The crown with feathers and horns on its head leaves you (as an expert on Egyptian culture) with no doubts. You have just met on your way the God of Death and Life, the ruler of the Earth and the Land of the Dead - the mighty Osiris.

Also in this room, the builder, who lived many thousands of years ago, carved a strange inscription in the wall:

"Three challenges like three siblings. The Almighty Seth, Nephthys and Isida. Celebrate their names and compete in holy competition. Only the best 30 of each challenge will receive the Seal of Osiris."


The Seth Tournament

The Nephthys Tournament

The Isida Tournament





Take part in one of our poker tournaments and take premium place (1-30) to get a GOLDEN SEAL OF OZYRYS.

If you're not lucky, you can get a clay copy of The Seal of Osiris at a nearby market. 


Buy a clay copy of the Seal of Osiris

Seal of RA
Day 1 (Tuesday 11/12)

After a dozen or so meters of wandering along the dark corridor, you manage to get to the first chamber of the tomb. In the central part of the chamber you discover a statue of an Egyptian deity with the head of a falcon. There is no doubt - this is the RA - the personification of the Sun and one of the most powerful and worshipped gods in the New State of Gods. At the foot of the monument you find a small golden box with a strange mechanism for entering a mysterious code.

An inscription engraved with hieroglyphics on a nearby wall says: 

"In the name of the holy city - where they worship me - look for answers. But hurry up, because only the 100 most faithful will receive the prize." 

Will the answer to this question open the box and let you win the Seal of RA? And what could this be all about? 

To open the box and get the GOLDEN SEAL OF RA

Enter the code


If you haven't broken the password or you've been overtaken by 100 players, you can purchase a clay copy of the Seal of RA at a nearby market. It may not be that impressive and made of precious metal - but maybe it's enough to open Ganymedos' sarcophagus?


Buy a clay copy of the Seal of RA




  1. The game "Pyramid Curse" lasts from 12th November to 18th November 2019 and consists in collecting a full collection of 7 gifts on the theme "Secrets of Egypt".
  2. To join the game you need to subscribe to it by receiving a free gift Pyramid Map (by clicking HERE). Only players who have this gift in their account will be taken into account during the daily summary of the results and awarding of individual artifacts, and when dividing the prize for the entire event.
  3. Thematic gifts will be available every day - either by fulfilling special tasks or by buying them in the shop. Subsequent tasks will be announced on the site, every day no later that 2 pm UTC.
  4. If the prize is not awarded automatically (challenges 2,4,5,6,7) - the gift will be awarded no later than on the next business day by 12:00 UTC, the player will be notified by appropriate notification and the appropriate gift will be added to his account.
  5. Thematic gifts are divided into ORIGINAL, gold SEALS - which the player will receive for completing tasks, and into clay SEALS that can be purchased in the store. When sharing the main prize - IT IS NOT MATTER whether the player has collected his collection by acquiring ORIGINAL artifacts or by buying their COPIES, or has both in his collection.
  6. Prizes of players who have gained a full collection of ORIGINAL GOLDEN SEALS only will be increased by 25%.


  1. The prize pool for the "Pyramid Curse" game is 200,000,000 chips.
  2. The pool will be divided among all players who have gathered all 7 themed gifts from the "Secrets of Egypt" collection + a free Pyramid Map gift on November 19 at 10.00 UTC.
  3. In addition, all players who get at least 3 gifts from the "Secrets of Egypt" collection (except the starting gift - Pyramid Map) - will receive a special badge - "Mummy", thanks to which they will be able to take part in the fight for the NOVEMBER SUPER BONUS!
  4. All prizes will be awarded no later thatn November 20 (2 pm UTC). Winners will be notified of the prize by notification.

November Super Bonus – get up to $25,000,000 chips!

All players who accumulate 2 exclusive gifts (the first is "Mummy") will take part in the fight for 5 packages - $5,000,000 chips each. The total amount of chips won can reach up to $25,000,000! All you need to do is to click faster than others on the notifications that will be sent on following dates:

  • December 2, 12PM UTC
  • December 2, 4PM UTC
  • December 2, 8PM UTC
  • December 3, 12AM UTC
  • December 3, 4AM UTC

To get exclusie "Mummy" gift that entitles you to fight for NOVEMBER SUPER BONUS - gain at least 3 gifts from the Pyramid Curse (except the Pyramid Map).