Super Woman


On the occasion of Women's Day, we wish all ladies playing on GameDesire every success and multi-million dollar winnings!

For a good start, we have a special free gift for you - SUPER WOMAN!, which will surely make your profile more attractive!




Gifts for the ladies!



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Great Women Tournaments

Smart, brave and strong - these were the most famous women in the history of the world who patronise our tournaments. Face off against other players in a battle for millions. Every day you can win 20 entry tickets to the grand final with a total prize pool of 250,000,000 chips. This is a rare opportunity!


3/08 - Marie Skłodowska Curie Satellite 15K

3/09 - Hypatia of Alexandria Satellite 15K

3/10 - Jeanne d’Arc Satellite 15K





3/11 - Margaret Tatcher Satellite 30K

3/12 - Coco Chanel Satellite 30K

3/13 - Frida Kahlo Satellite 30K





3/14 - Katharine Hepburn Main Event



Free chips not just for ladies!



Attention, throughout Women's Week (8 - 14.03), a special notification containing the Bonus Code will appear at an unknown time. The 15 fastest players who click on it will receive a bonus of 15,000 chips!

Show your reflexes and grab the bonus.

Tip: Notifications will appear at full hours only.