Festival of Lovers


They say: who has no luck in love is lucky in cards...

We believe that one thing doesn't exclude the other, and positive events also go hand in hand! Give your sweetheart a unique gift and compete for millions of chips in Love Tournaments. 


We love you!

Click on the link and receive the Valentine's Gift. Why? Because you fully deserve it! :)





Valentine's Day Collection



Valentine's Day gifts have appeared in the shop. Think, who would enjoy a gift from you? Send gifts and make others happy for Valentine's Day!

That's not all. Bestow a loved one with a Love Letter gift (you'll find it in the Valentine's collection) and we'll add 25,000 chips and 10 Gold coins as a gift!

Chips and gold coins will be added after the event (February 20). One person can only receive one package, regardless of the number of gifts received.




Unique gifts

We also have something unique in our shop. Special gifts in a limited Valentine's Day series will make the recipient feel really special.





Golden Rose



3000 Gold


Silver Rose



2000 Gold


Bronze Rose



1000 Gold




Love Tournaments

Every day you can win 20 tickets to the Great Cupid's Tournament, with a prize pool of 250,000,000 chips. Don't miss this chance!


2/13 - Love Letter I Satellite 15K

2/14 - Love Letter II Satellite 15K

2/15 - Love Letter III Satellite 15K





2/16 - Love Letter IV Satellite 30K

2/17 - Love Letter V Satellite 30K

2/18 - Love Letter VI Satellite 30K





2/19 - Great Cupids's Tournament



Cupid's arrows



Every day (from 2/13 to 2/19) at 8 PM UTC our GD Amor will shoot an arrow of love (notification) towards the players. If you manage to catch it (click) and at the same time be in the fastest 10 players - you will receive 14,002 chips to your account!


Catch the Flying Heart



On the occasion of Valentine's Day, the Flying Bonus is active again. Visit your friends' profiles to find it! 

We're giving away 75,000,000 chips every day!