Zodiac battle


Have you ever wondered which sign of zodiac is better at the poker table? Will it be focused on goal Taurus, insightful, tenacious and defeat-hating Scorpio or maybe infallible Sagittarius?

Read every strengths and weakness of each signs of zodiac, analyze extra BONUSES which you can get, sign up to chosen clan and start fighting in the Zodiac Battle from Monday, July 22 (10:00 UTC).


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac - so players feel an irresistible need to be first at all times and everywhere. However, they are not interested in planning or strategy - they follow the impulse, act without hesitation and don't know the fear of failure!

Extra BONUS - "Commitment and fight": $250,000 chips paid to all players who manage to accumulate at least 50,000 grind points - regardless of where the clan will be at the end of the game.

Taurus is focused on the possession and accumulation of temporal goods. He follows his goals consistently, regardless of obstacles, and usually achieves what he intended to achieve. He is famous for his stubbornness, but also for his determination. If he chooses victory in the Battle of the Clan as his goal, who will be able to oppose it?

Extra BONUS - "Extra Pot": If the Taurus clan wins - all participants who have accumulated at least 500 grind points will share as many Chips as they managed to accumulate on the clan counter.

Gemini feels best in gathering and processing information. They are also very smart and clever and not driven by emotions. It would sound like a great poker player if it weren't for the fact that they often can't concentrate on what they're doing.

Extra BONUS - "10x10": If the Gemini clan wins - players from places 1-10 will receive an additional $10,000,000 chips!

The players of the Cancer sign seem to be cautious and very conservative. They usually don't take the risk and are happy with lower wins. Their greatest advantage is that they are endowed with incredible instincts - they can almost "see" the thoughts of others - but their innate caution makes them not to use this ability in 100%.

Extra BONUS - "Bird in the hand". Regardless of the clan's position, all players in the Cancer clan who accumulate at least 500 grind points will receive $25,000 chips each.

Lions are very confident and enjoy plaing like no one else! They love when something happens during the game, because it gives them a lot of excitement. Although they can easily become addicted to the admiration of others and like to show their triumphs, they are basically optimists who always expect the next hand give them victory.

Extra BONUS - "Royal Triumph". If the Leo clan wins the Zodiac Battle, we will double the prize pool for the best player!

Players of the Virgo try to act and play as efficiently as possible. They are perfectionists and very skilful poker artisans. Composure, experience and practice - these are the qualities they rely on. Always focused on the goal - which this time will be the victory in the Zodiac Battle.

Extra BONUS - "Colour of Gold". If the Virgo clan achieves final success - all players who have accumulated at least 500 grind points will receive a special bonus of 50 Gold!

Balance and harmony are the characteristics of the Libra's players. This approach to life requires Libras to avoid conflicts and stressful situations, which is not very promising at a poker table. However, victory is often not the most important thing here - much more fun can be given to the Libra's player by simply participating in the game.

Extra BONUS - "The importance of success". If the Libra clan succeeds in the Zodiac Battle - the top 10 players will receive an extra bonus in chips - equal to the result achieved by the best player in the clan.

Insightful, tenacious and defeat-hating - that's what Scorpio's players are like. In addition, they are also characterized by a great mental resilience - which makes them fit perfectly in the world of poker.

Extra BONUS - "Scorpion Ranking". If the Scorpion clan wins the Zodiac Battle, all players who accumulate at least 500 grind points will receive a pool of chips (to split) equal to the sum of points earned by the top 10 players in the Individual Ranking.

Planning well in advance, infinitely believing in his infallibility and wisdom - those are supposed to be the players of the Sagittarius sign. At the same time, they are very energetic, honest and direct. Will such a combination of features make it possible to achieve final success?

Extra BONUS - "Popping Promotion". If the Sagittarius clan achieves final success in the Zodiac Battle - all players who score at least 500 grind points will receive a special Super Bonus to buy one of any chips package - up to 500%! The bonus will be active from August 5 (10AM UTC) to August 6 (10AM UTC).

Capricorn is a true professional, hard on the ground and not giving in to feelings. They are also characterized by common sense, perseverance and consistency. They always succeed - as long as they don't put too much pressure on themselves and set too high expectations.

Extra BONUS - "Iron Consequence". If the Capricorn clan wins - the best 10 players will receive additional bonuses equal to the number of grind points they have earned!

Aquarians don't like rules and patterns - that's why they are very unpredictable and always dangerous for the opponent. Unfortunatelly stubbornness is their great disadvantage in Poker - if they decide to do something - nobody and nothing will be able to convince them to change their plans.

Extra BONUS - "Seafood". All players from the Aquarius clan, who will accumulate more than 10 grind points in their account - will receive a full collection of presents "Zodiac Signs" - which cannot be purchased or obtained in any other way!

Players from the Pisces sign are variable and vulnerable to the influence of others. They easily succumb to bluffs and may seem easy to beat. Luckily for them - they also have reliable intuition and reflexes, which allows them to save themself from situations that look hopeless!

Extra BONUS - "Golden Fish". If the Pisces clan achieves the final success - the top 10 players from this team will receive a special bonus of 250 Gold!