Zombie Attack


Zombies on the streets!

In the so far peaceful GD-City, an epidemic of an unknown virus erupts with enormous force. People are turning into zombies in massive numbers, with the only purpose of sowing death and destruction. The few remaining survivors have barricaded themselves in their homes and await in horror what fate will bring....

To survive the Apocalypse, join the elite Survivors' Club (pick up the Survivor's Mask) and perform daily tasks, which will be announced in this service every day not later than 2:00 p.m. UTC.

Survivor's Mask


To win, you have to collect all the necessary artifacts until Friday, October 11th (10:00 AM UTC). Only then will you be able to participate in a prize share which is $200,000,000 chips!



Zombie Apocalypse!
Day 8 (Thursday 10/10)

The situation in GD-City is becoming more and more difficult every day. The antidote proved to be ineffective. There is a lack of food, and a disturbing rumour is spreading among the inhabitants that the drinking water intakes have been poisoned. The most determined survivors make their last desperate attempt to break through the sanitary cordon created by the army.

The transport facility is to be an express train standing on the siding, on which a huge steel battering ram has been installed. Will it be able to get through the blockade and happily transport its passengers to a zombie-free place.

If you want to get out of a dangerous adventure, you must be on board. BUY a ticket (Ticket to Paradise gift) that entitles you to travel - and keep your fingers crossed for the success of your mission. Unfortunately, there is also bad information. The train has a limited capacity and can accommodate up to 350 people (and so many tickets will be available for sale). Please note that some people will want to take advantage of the situation and buy a few tickets to close the pool as soon as possible and prevent others from getting out of town or just ... avoid crowding the compartment. Don't be late for the opening of the ticket offices - buy a ticket for yourself and your friends.

The ticket offices will open on Thursday 10th October at 7:00 PM UTC
(at this time the PARADISE TICKET gift will be available in the store and can be purchased until stocks run out).

Day 7. (Wednesday 10/9)

From the first hours after the beginning of the epidemic, the Medical Crisis Headquarters started working at the highest level. Today, doctors have good news to announce. They managed to produce an antidote, which allegedly makes them resistant to Zombie bites.

The army has been included in the action and is preparing to start the airdrops. Every hour (from 5:00 PM UTC - 10:00 PM UTC) helicopters will appear above GD-City and will drop 50 boxes of antidote. You will be notified about each drop by the appropriate notification on the site - remember to act quickly, as the airdrops can be taken over by zombies or other players.

If you don't get to the drop point on time, you can also buy an antidote from GD!

Joker for happiness
Day 6 (Tuesday 10/8)

In order to survive another day in GD-City, you need not only water, food and ammunition, but also exceptional perceptiveness, reflexes and a lot of luck. For your own good - train and develop these skills - and perhaps you can survive in the ruthless world of Zombies.

Fortunately, the clever "survivors" don't waste any time unnecessarily - they quickly discovered that the best help in developing the necessary features is ... Bingo. Start your "training" and earn $10,000 chips by playing Bingo 75 until 6:00 UTC on Wednesday 9th October.

If you fulfill the task - and you have a Survivor's Mask gift on your account - you will receive a special talisman - "GD-Joker". Perhaps the happiness will smile at you!

If the challenge is too difficult for you - you can buy your GD-Joker in the GD store!

Missing in action
Day 5 (Monday 10/7)

Exploiting abandoned shops and warehouses is the best way to obtain valuable resources: weapons, ammunition or food. Unfortunately, these are not easy or safe tasks. Meetings with hungry zombies are not uncommon, you can also often meet the competition on the spot, who will rather not want to share the found goods.

One of your friends - Mr. Javier - is the best specialist in this type of expeditions in the city. Unfortunately, he set off on his next expedition 2 days ago and hasn't been heard of since. You have a challenging task ahead of you - find the missing person and perform the task he will ask you for!

If you succeed and will be in the first 100 players who complete the mission, Mr. Javier will certainly share the food supplies he found during his action.

However, if you think Mr.Javier will do the best on his own or if you've let others get ahead of you, you can buy the necessary supplies from a legal GD store!

Gold for the bold
Day 4 (Sunday 10/6)

Despite the threat, which is all around us, the inhabitants of GD-City do not avoid entertainment. In recent days, the most popular are the Hold'em or Omaha games in the Golden and Silver Jackpot Arenas.

For all those who will participate in them on October 6th from 0.00 a.m. to 11.59 p.m. UTC, the organizer has provided a special prize - a gold bar, which will certainly be useful in these uncertain times. Please note that in order to receive this prize on Monday 7th of October at 10:00 UTC, you must have an Survivor's Mask gift in your account.

You can also get the gold bar in the GD shop - however, the exchange rate may be slightly less favourable here!

Illegal business
Day 3 (Saturday 10/5)

Medicines are currently the most deficient product in GD-City. Money has no value and the only acceptable form of trading is barter

Black market gangs - who trade in medicines - will not hesitate to steal or cheat. You will now be negotiating with them to buy morphine for your friend, who has fallen badly and broke his leg badly...

Visit a cartel member (HERE you will find his profile on GD) and buy a medicine from him - paying with any gift purchased in the shop (give him a gift purchased in our gift shop).

Be careful, even a powerful cartel suffers from supply problems. Only 50 fastest players will receive the drug, no matter how many of them pass the gifts to the intermediary... Unfortunately, no complaints will be considered here.

If you are disgusted with cooperation with the criminal world - BUY morphine in a legal GD shop - it will cost you a little more.

Casino closed until further notice
Day 2 (Friday 10/4)

GD-City Casino has been considered the safest location in the city so far - and none of the undead were able to force through the entrance protection.

Unfortunately, the number of people willing to hide in this lodge definitely surprised the owners of the property. They don't have enough supplies prepared. There could be only one decision - SPECIAL tournaments have been organized. The winners will be able to stay in the Casino for the next 24 hours. They will also receive a special map with marked safe zones scattered over GD-City. The rest will have to leave the building immediately and do it on their own...

Take part in the Apocalypse Tournaments (Poker, Yatzy) and take a place in the top 30 at least once. If you succeed, you can sleep the next night in a safe place and eat your fill, then seek your fortune with a map of safe zones in your pocket.

You can also decide to leave the casino immediately - BUYING the map in our shop.


Apocalypse Tournament: War

Apocalypse Tournament: Destruction

Apocalypse Tournament: Starvation

Apocalypse Tournament: Death






First shoot, then ask!
Day 1 (Thursday 10/3)

You are out of luck - busy exploring the GD-Tower skyscraper (after the pompous celebration of GameDesire's 17th Birthday, there are still a lot of valuable items there) you haven't noticed that a large herd of zombies have invaded the building and taken over the ground floor.

The situation is critical: the road to the front door has been cut off....

In the president's room, located on the top floor of the building, you'll find a handy shotgun with plenty of ammunition to help you get rid of your problems. When you reach the office, it turns out that there is an armored door on your way - to open it, you need to guess the secret code of a code lock.

Fortunately, someone has already tried to open it and even set the first signs of the combination: GameDesire2***.

Time is running out - the herd will get you at 3:00 PM UTC - so you have 5 hours for a successful break-in. Remember that the amount of weapons and ammunition is limited - only the 50 fastest players will be able to arm themselves!

If you know the password - enter it HERE - reload the shotgun, BEAT zombies and evacuate the danger area.

If you didn't manage to do it in time - you can always keep order - BUYING the shotgun in our gift shop.



  1. The "Zombie Attack" game lasts from 3th October to 10th October 2019 and is based on collecting a full collection of 8 Zombie gifts.
  2. To join the game you need to subscribe to it by getting a free Survivor's Mask gift (click HERE). Only players who have this gift in their account will be consideredfor the daily performance scoring and awarding of each artifact, and for the sharing of final prize. 
  3. Zombie artifacts (gifts) can be earned every day - either by completing special tasks or by buying them in the shop. The next tasks will be announced on the site every day not later than 2:00 PM UTC.
  4. If the awarding of the prize is not done automatically (tasks 2-3-4-5-6) - Players who complete the task will be informed about it by a special notification - no later than on the next working day by 12:00 UTC, and the appropriate gift will be added to their account.


  1. The "Zombie Attack" prize pool is $200,000,000 chips.
  2. The prize pool will be divided among all the players who will have all 8 Zombie gifts + a free gift Survivor's Mask on October 11th at 10.00 AM UTC.
  3. In addition, all players who gain at least 3 gifts from the Zombie collection (except the Survivor's Mask) will receive a special gift - Zombie Hunter, which will allow them to participate in the fight for the October Super Bonus!
  4. All prizes will be awarded no later than October 11th (2:00 PM UTC). Winners will be notified of the award by means of a notification.

October Super Bonus – get up to $25,000,000 chips!

All players who accumulated 2 exclusive gifts (the first is Zombie Hunter) will take part in the fight for 5 packages - $5,000,000 chips each. The total amount of chips won can reach up to $25,000,000! All you need to do is to click faster than others on the notifications that will be sent on following dates:

  • November 2, 12 PM UTC
  • November 2, 4 PM UTC
  • November 2, 8 PM UTC
  • November 3, 12 AM UTC
  • November 3, 4 AM UTC

To get exclusie Zombie Hunter gift that entitles you to fight for OCTOBER SUPER BONUS - gain at least 3 gifts from the Zombie collection (except for the Survivor's Mask).