ملحق شده: 2018-01-05
When you realize that the person you admire does not exist, is result of your imagination, do not care anymore. is released
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it is with you that I would like to be, it is with you that my heart beats fast and it is for you that I am here. From afar, but always close, because my heart is attached to yours, you know it! It was always just you!

She has flowers on her head, and a lot of butterfly in her stomach. She is sometimes" boring ", I confess, a bit tough, even very hard. Very sensitive, too. She is full of defects, like everyone else, humor, according to what she feels, because she is very "authentic", can not pretend emotions, but owns a big heart. On the other hand she likes to observe the stars, since she was little, she is dreamy, and for her , there is nothing, explain, the intensity of the BRIGHTNESS of your LOOK!

Sometimes no truth you speak will have no effect, because there are people, who only lived with lying people and unfortunately, all truth, will be put to the test and worse, it will not work. Because to these people, only lies prevails. he can not do anything else, because that person will never hear a truth.
It's SAD, BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOT KNOW HOW TO DO AND ACT, and more, you can not do anything !!!! Sad ... then all you have to do is observe ... from afa
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no matter how good of a woman you ,you will never be good enough for a man who isnt ready
If a man loves the soul of a woman ... ends up loving a woman. But if he simply loves the body or face of a woman, all the women of the world will not satisfy him.
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...You should have bought me flowers and held it in my hand..... All I wanted was to have danced with you ...
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lying people and cowards!