Lord Shadow

ملحق شده: 2010-10-29
I will wait even if it takes 1000 years. Happy new year my IRAN. VIVA IRAN THE PERSIAN FOR EVER
To keep level: 
Points needed: 195
آخرین بازی
Gold "Master" Anniversary14 روز قبل
Gold "Master" Anniversary
Gold "Expert" Anniversary2 سال 11 روز قبل
Gold "Expert" Anniversary
Friendly Ghost2 سال 338 روز قبل
Friendly Ghost
Dry Eye Cocktail2 سال 338 روز قبل
Dry Eye Cocktail
Scary Pumpkin2 سال 338 روز قبل
Scary Pumpkin
Gold "Pro" Anniversary3 سال 14 روز قبل
Gold "Pro" Anniversary
Happy New Year 7 سال 270 روز قبل
Happy New Year
Beer 8 سال 127 روز قبل
Blueberry drink8 سال 137 روز قبل
Blueberry drink
امین جان عزیزی
Pocket watch 8 سال 150 روز قبل
Pocket watch
Lucky horseshoe8 سال 270 روز قبل
Lucky horseshoe
Tulip9 سال 15 روز قبل
Money9 سال 30 روز قبل
Good Luck in Life and love :)
Trophy 9 سال 30 روز قبل
Love is in the air9 سال 45 روز قبل
Love is in the air
Be my love..be me happy boy..the boy that i know you..KISS
Red wine9 سال 50 روز قبل
Red wine
مشالا قهرمان
Red rose9 سال 170 روز قبل
Red rose
..I love you FOREVER my baby!!!... ....KISS....
Spring bouquet9 سال 195 روز قبل
Spring bouquet
سال خوبی براتون آرزو میکنم دوست عزیز
Tulip9 سال 201 روز قبل
...For my BABY love... Kiss you and ...YOU miss me!!!
Love sign9 سال 211 روز قبل
Love sign
Sun9 سال 215 روز قبل

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