Mitä ovat nämä “Pelin Chipit”?

Game Chipit, jotka tunnetaan myös nimellä Chipit, ovat virtuaalisen valuutan muoto jota käytämme täällä Chippejä voi voittaa ja hävitä.
  • Kun avaat tilin sivustolla GameDesire, vastaanotat automaatisesti 1000 ilmaista Peli Chippiä.
  • Jos haluat pelata korkeimmilla panoksilla, Sinun on ostettava lisää Peli Chippejä meiltä.

Meidän menettelytapamme huijaamisen ja sopimattoman käytöksen kanssa

Jotta voimme taata turvallisen ja miellyttävän peliympäristön, GameDesire on ottanut käyttöön seuraavat turvallisuusmekanismit huijauksen ja epärehellisen käytöksen estämiseksi:
  • Automaattinen systeemi yrittää estää kaikki yleiset kiroilut,
  • Erityinen koodi voi automaattisesti estää HUUTAMISEN tai muun häirinnän,
  • Pelimme ohjelmat ovat suojattuja ja voimme seurata kaikkia vakavia yrityksiä muuttaa niitten koodia,
  • Jotkut peleistämme tiedottavat pelaajista jotka pelaavat kahta peliä samaan aikaan,
  • Jotkut peleistämme tiedottavat siitä että pelaajat vaihtavat ohjelmien välillä kesken pelin,
  • Joissain arvioiduissa peleissä rankaisemme (vähennämme arviota) pelaajia jotka eivät pelaa pelejä loppuun,
  • Pelejämme valvoo adminit, ketkä auttavat meitä löytämään pelaajia jotka yrittävät huijata. Adminit voivat estää muitten pelaajien chatin tai estää heiltä pääsy huoneeseen tai pöytään,
  • Moninpeleissä olemme kieltäneet kahden eri nickin käytön samasta tietokoneesta samaan aikaan,
  • Moninpeleissä tiedoitamme muille pelaajille kun useampi pelaaja käyttää samaa lähiverkkoyhteyttä,
  • Kaikki pelejen tulokset tallennetaan sivustollemme. Käyttämällä statistista analyysiä voimme löytää huijarit,
  • Tallennamme kaikki chatin logit, jotta voimme käsitellä väärinkäytökset myöhemmin.

How do I retrieve my password?

Please click "Forgot your password?" on the login page to retrieve your password. Enter the e-mail address you used to register. We will send you a link to reset your password.

I did not receive GameChips after the purchase

Please contact us via the contact form, and select the category "Payments". Fill in the contact form as precisely as possible.

I have received a private message from the administrator

If you received a message from a person claiming to be an administrator, which invited you to visit a website where, after registration, you will be rewarded with GameChips - please be warned that this is a scam. Do not trust such messages and please report them to us immediately.

These type of actions are meant only to steal your password - and your GameChips.

Administrators will never ask you for your password, also will never start a private conversation with you in a chatroom. You will never receive a message from us containing a link where it is necessary to log in. Please be wary of any link that takes you off-site. Our website’s address is GameDesire

I have not received a Jackpot

Conditions of the Jackpot for each game can be found here:

Jackpot ArenaJackpot BingoJackpot Slot GamesJackpot Video PokerJackpot BlackjackBad Beat Jackpot

In case you did not find an answer to your question, please contact us via the contact form.

I want to play Poker and Bingo on the iPad

Poker by GameDesire and Bingo by GameDesire are available on iTunes. You can log in to your account using your username and password from this site: GameDesire

How to take a screenshot

Most of our games have a feature allowing to take a screenshot during the game. In order to take a screenshot, click on the camera icon.


If you would like to know how to take a screenshot manually, click here.

I have problems with connection

Due to constant data interchange, all our games require solid connections between players and game servers. Even small interruptions may cause disconnections. Unfortunately, we don’t have any influence over individual internet connections. Our servers are located in one of the biggest American server rooms, and any potential connection problems would affect large groups of players.

If your problem continues, we suggest contacting your ISP.

Game installation repeats (problem concerning games in the advanced version)

If you are using another browser, try to play using Mozilla Firefox.

The program can be downloaded free of charge from the address:

If not, reinstall the game according to the procedure described below.

Please open the directory where the application was installed.

Instructions for Windows XP

The default installation directory is: C:Program FilesGanymede.

You will find there *****_uninstall.exe file (where ***** is a game name). Execute this file to uninstall the game.

After this operation is complete, delete all remaining files in the directory.

Next open "My computer", at the top from menu pick "Tools"->"Folder options"->"View", and select the option "Show hidden files and directories". Accept your choice by clicking "OK".

Open the directory "C:Documents and Settings", then open the directory named after your user name. Finally, open "Application data" and delete the directory "GanymedeNet".

Then, open the folder "C:Program Files (x86)" and delete the directory "Ganymede".

Finally, reboot your computer.

When after you login again, install the game once more.

Instructions for Windows Vista / Windows 7

The default installation directory is: C:Program Files (x86)Ganymede. You will find there *****_uninstall.exe file. (where ***** is a game name).

Execute this file to uninstall the games.

After this operation is complete, delete all remaining files in the directory.

Next open "My computer", and at the top menu pick "Organize"->"Folder Options"->"View".

Then select the option "Show hidden files and directories". Accept your choice by clicking "OK".

Open the directory "C:DocumentsUsers", and then open the directory named after your user name. Open "App DataRoaming" and delete the directory "GanymedeNet".

Open the folder "C:Program Files (x86)" and delete the directory "Ganymede".

Finally, reboot your computer.

When you login again, install the game once more.

I want to play on a Mac / I want to play under Linux

Generally speaking, we support only Windows PC. However, it is possible to play advanced versions of our games using a Mac computer (Intel Mac OS X). You will need to use BootCamp to install Windows on your Mac, or Parallels Desktop to play our games directly on Mac. Unfortunately, it is not possible to play our games on a PPC Mac computer. We do not have plans for an OS/X version of the game running on Mac PPC.

The game loads up to 80%

Most probably the date on your computer is set incorrectly.

To fix this, simply set the correct time and date on your computer.

If that does not help, we suggest updating or changing your browser to Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox can be downloaded here:

Try downloading the latest version of Flash Player from here:

I have not received an achievement

When it comes to granting achievements, we had to implement a few restrictions to prevent abuse and fraud.

After receiving a particular achievement, a 24-hour long block activates. During that time it’s not possible to receive the same achievement for a second time (however, all your statistics will still be counted). After 24 hours, if a player wins, for example, another Poker tournament, the system automatically checks if he or she qualifies to receive another achievement. If so, the achievement will be awarded, and another 24 hours block will be activated.

The entire process is completely automated, so there is no need to recount any scores. Therefore, there’s no risk of not being rewarded with any achievement you have won.

I think I should win more often

In all our games, we use certified random number generators to ensure that each player has the same chances of winning.

We do not use any lock or balancing method on winning or losing, and we do not favor any player demographic.

Remember that buying gamechips does not increase your luck in any way.

My account has been banned

All matters relating to blocked accounts are considered individually. Therefore, please contact us via the contact form.

Why to buy GameChips?

  • become a virtual millionaire
  • play at high stakes to compete with the best players
  • feel the casino excitement
  • more unforgettable impressions are guaranteed

Why to become a VIP?

  • VALUE - get 50% extra GameChips with every purchase of at least 100K
  • BLING - show off your new VIP sign for your login and profile
  • RESPECT - show the competition that you are here to win