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Jeu de dés traditionnel.
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Comment jouer Yatzy - règles du jeu

Starting a game

After launching the application, the main Lobby will appear. It is divided into two sections: ‘My profile’ and ‘Room list’. Above these sections you will find a shortcut to Tournaments (if they are available at the moment), a ‘Play Now’ button (the shortest way to start playing Yatzy) and a ‘Buy GameChips’ .

You can also join a room of our choice by clicking the ‘Join’ button in the ‘Room List’ section:

The launch window Yatzy games allow for a prompt start of the game, snooping player profile and choose a room to play Yatzy.

Main Lobby of Yatzy.

After joining a room, the room Lobby will appear. Here you can find available tables (Table List), a list of Players in the room, and chat a window:

Room window to the game of dice with a list of available tables and a list of players in the room.

If we join a room, Lobby would appear.

Now it is time to decide if you want to Join an existing table or create a new one by clicking ‘Create Table’. By clicking ‘Play Now’ you are automatically seated at a table, ready to play. If you want to get better acquainted with the game or just want to watch a match, you can choose to Watch a table instead of joining it.

When choosing a table remember to look at the table parameters like game time / move time, stake, etc. or simply create your own table with parameters which satisfy you.

The panel allows you to create a new table to play dice with the possibility of playing time setting, time limit per move, create a private table, ranking game and fast gameplay.

Creating a table. Some options may be not accessible,due to room settings

Screenshot – take a screenshot (.jpg).
Game Options – you can turn on or off the animation.
Show chat panel – show/hide chat window.
Players in room – show/hide players' list.
Turn the sound on/off – turn on/off the sound.

Personal options.

At the bottom part of the main window you will find a chat windows and some options to make it more suitable for your needs. Available options are described below:

Report Abuse – report a player you found offending.
Create/Modify Chat Defines – create aliases.
Your emoticon – create your own set of emoticons.

Chat options.

View the results started the game includes player throws the dice, the results of players at the table, the list of players and an internal chat room.

Chat and player list are shown