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L'AMITIÉ EST UNE DENRÉE RARE. si tous les fantomes qui passent sur ma page laissent un mot ,le dialogue sera meilleur
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à propos de moi:
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bois menuiserie lecture natation politique famille animaux jardins
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.Je regarde du coin de l'oeil les raves de la télé quand je joue
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Ce que j’aime:
La vie que j'ai en accord avec mes idées, le comportement des gens sur internet qui permet de les imaginer dans la vraie vie. J 'aime des tas de choses que je n'énumererai pas voulant conserver mon identité.J'aime aider les autres sachant malheureusement que dans le domaine des idées; l'humain testera même ce qui le conduit dans le mur s'il l'a décidé..le web est une projection du réel où chacun exprime ce qu'il veut. Quelques réponses aux magnifiques phrases lues. L'artiste fait se rencontrer les parallèles en pivotant de 90 degrés, le scientifique fait se reproduire les expériences à l'identique et le joueur peut jouer sans se ruiner.
Ce que je n’aime pas:
Tout est bon à prendre dans la vie : le bon et le mauvais !

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  • SSSS.BFF4 heures il y a
    Hello my dear friend now you're sleeping, maybe dreaming about angels and I came here to wish a great day... I like you so much my friend, including your english good night and good sleep
  • SSSS.BFF10 heures il y a
    okay... okay... you said that you would try dancing Samba for the Carnaval...
    some days ago you said that you would try dancing Street Dance / Hip Hop...
    but tell me, my dear Fred Astaire Française, are you really able to dance some rhythm???
    perheaps some valse, tango or foxtrot... who knows rock'n roll from 60th or 70th (like Elvis)...
    tell me dear, I am reaaaaaaaaaaly curious about !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    • SSSS.BFF9 heures il y a
    • SSSS.BFF9 heures il y a
      who knows as MJ
    • SSSS.BFF9 heures il y a
    • SSSS.BFF9 heures il y a
      hi hi hi
    • trappe67 heures il y a
      hum tomorrow i listen all music, now it's too late. Sosso don't laugh but i can to dance a little like christine hé hé !
  • SSSS.BFF1 jour il y a
    [b]Mon cher ami it's for you, in case you are still awake... nothing better than a sweet lullaby
    • trappe61 jour il y a
      ah ah ah ! it's nice song ! good night lady Sosso. I like very much Nolwen.
  • SSSS.BFF2 jours il y a
    Hello my dancing friend how are you? tell me about the sky over the France... it is blue? j'adore blue sky and cold weather !!! I wish to you and to your family a very good week, successful and productive !!!
    • trappe62 jours il y a
      the snow is coming back tomorrow. first day of spring (without a friend grrrrr ) when normally all the girls are pretty as the song says.. Ty for week i hope the same for you also and your family..
    • SSSS.BFF1 jour il y a
      Claude, mon cher ami this song has my age OMG, it was born in 1964-April... exactly like me... same month and same year I made my research on Google and I found the informations by wikipedia:

      ===>>> Dès que le printemps revient
      ===>>> Single de Hugues Aufray
      ===>>> Sortie avril 1964
      ===>>> Durée 3 min 06 s
      ===>>> Genre Chanson française, folk pop
      ===>>> Format 45 tours, EP (Super 45 tours)
      Auteur Jacques Plante
      Compositeur Hugues Aufray
      Label Barclay
    • trappe61 jour il y a
      This is a nice song that i like very much !you are young like spring hi hi hi.
  • trappe65 jours il y a
    • trappe65 jours il y a
      Tomorrow i try to dance this hi hi hi !
    • SSSS.BFF2 jours il y a
      very nice !!! I wish to be a fly to watch you dancing as Christine and the Queens !!! ha ha ha ha
    • trappe62 jours il y a
      ok ok it's impossible to dance like this.
  • SSSS.BFF5 jours il y a travelling in time !!!
    • trappe65 jours il y a
      J'AIME BEAUCOUP merci !
  • SSSS.BFF6 jours il y a
    • trappe66 jours il y a
      hi lady my friend . today water water water hé hé hé !!
  • SSSS.BFF7 jours il y a
    Bonjour Claude, I have a dog, my little ****zu black and white called Theo, but I love watch funny videos with cats like this one:
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    • trappe67 jours il y a
      i like very much this vidéo. i understand why you don't can to write this hi hi hi. Don't try to write trappe - 6 also after gamedesire is not happy eh eh !
    • trappe67 jours il y a
      my parent have a monckey but he is too old and impossible to stay with us. whe releases in the i am a cat very nice. I have not a dog.
    • SSSS.BFF7 jours il y a
      I don't know about your family... but in my family works like this: Theo is my daugther's pet... but Theo loves me and the reason is simple... I put his food every day and when I go outside, he comes with me !!!
    • SSSS.BFF7 jours il y a
      my kids very often ask me for a little cat and I say "NOOOOOOOOO" because, if I accept can you guess who has to feed the cat every day?
    • trappe67 jours il y a
      I understand why you have not a cat ! my cat go out in the morning sleep all day when it's cold and come to home when i whistle hi hi hi. teo is maybe a watch dog !!!
  • SSSS.BFF8 jours il y a
    Hello my dear friend
    I wonder here how many things you already did today !!!
    How many rooms or baths or roofs did you already repair or build !!!
    Sometimes resting is good... but they say that we will rest enough after this life !!! he he
    friendly kisses to you and to your dear family
    • trappe68 jours il y a
      Solange I work for me and I think of finishing in 2 months. The weather was very beautiful and at the moment I paint and I coat . ceilings are paint now.. On Friday the joiners will change windows. After the plumber heating engineer will make his work and I shall end not to paint the facade. Next week 4 days ago with morning frosts( and I shall put the hat if needed. Meanwhile I shall take a few days of holidays near sea and ocean.kisses dear friend to you and your family.
  • SSSS.BFF12 jours il y a
    Yesterday was Friday... but today is Friday again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can you believe in something like that ??????????????
    OMG time really flies cheers for that
    • trappe612 jours il y a
      Ja with beer it's always friday eh eh eh ! good weekend lady Sosso ! tomorrow weather of friday hé hé is 19 !!!! Have a nice weekend without friday he he he.

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