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How to play Poker 5 Card Draw - game rules

Card sets

In a poker game, players use all 52 cards. Basically speaking, a game of poker depends on the value of cards in hand and on the table. According to this value, players bet the money or quit the deal. The player who has the best cards in hand wins. The lowest card set is HIGH CARD. It happens when there is no set described below:

ONE PAIR - happens when a player has two figures of the same value in his hand, for example two kings, two tens, two aces etc. Poker card combination - pair
TWO PAIRS - happens when a player has a pair of the same figures twice, for example two kings and two aces, two threes and two tens etc. Poker card combination - two pairs
THREE OF A KIND - as the name says, it happens when a player has three cards of the same value, for example three aces. Poker card combination - three of a kind
STRAIGHT - five cards (with different suits) which are grouped one after the other, for example 7,8,9,10,J. Poker card combination - straight
FLUSH - five cards with the same suit, for example A,J,10,7,2. Poker card combination - flush
FULL HOUSE - a set of PAIR and THREE OF A KIND, which means for example K,K,A,A,A. Poker card combination - full house
FOUR OF A KIND - as the name says, it happens when a player has four cards of the same value, for example four kings or four aces and so on. Poker card combination - four of a kind
STRAIGHT FLUSH - the strongest set in game. It is five cards in the same suit which are grouped one after another, for example A,K,D,J,10 of spades. Poker card combination - straight flush

When two players have the same set of cards, the one whose cards are of bigger value wins - a player with three kings always beats a player with three queens or something lower than that. There is no such thing as a trump suit. If there is the situation that both players have sets with the same value, for example two pairs - aces on kings, the value of the last, the fifth card is decisive. If those cards also have the same value, there is a draw. When there are two pokers or two suits, the one with higher card suit wins.